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Corporate world has tough competition and you can survive only if there is enough business. If you are managing a business then you must be aware about the challenges in business. Adding new customers to the portfolio ensures growth and keeping the existing customer ensures existence. Due to this, you must advertise a business to make it a big brand. Your objective and effort should always be to achieve the top position and maintain it. Therefore , you cannot ignore the benefits of promoting a brand. You can use social media marketing, digital marketing or traditional ways of marketing. Do some research about the industry and make the right choice.

There is a long list of marketing techniques you can use to promote a company. Due to this, business promotion expenses also vary. Check out the list below to find the best way to advertise your business. Additionally, you can also try something unique if these do not fit.

Free advertising for small business

Let us start with free marketing tools to promote small business. Using these you can advertise business for free. This is good if you are just starting out and want to advertise a business. You can make use of free mailers, WhatsApp marketing, social media marketing etc. You can also use free bulk email sending websites and get some results.

Advertise a Business via Mass Mailing to potential customers

Out of the many ways to promote a business, mass mailers show good results. First of all this is a cost effective way to promote business. If you are dealing with business to business (B2B) customers then this is best. Instead of bulk mailing, you can also send bulk email to a personal mailbox. This all depends on your product and marketing strategy. Customer type is also important. For example: you cannot sell school management software to a parent. You must contact school authorities for this.

Send bulk SMS

Mass texting is one of the fastest ways to advertise a business. Your information directly reaches the phone inbox of potential customers. Additionally, the cost of sending mass mailers is also not much. Therefore, many companies use this for sending promotional offers and deals. The message is small and simple to understand. Sending mass messages can work wonders if your product is competitive. There is a dedicated bulk SMS sender software or a portal comes free with the service. Therefore, you do not need to develop a software application for sending SMS. Find a bulk SMS service provider and send thousands of messages in one go. Not only when you advertise a business but for other purposes also you can use this. For example: if you want to hire a sales executive, you can send SMS to candidates.

Use WhatsApp Marketing to Advertise a Business

Same as mass texting, many people send WhatsApp messages in bulk. Most mobile phone users have smartphones these days. Due to this, reaching them is easy and fast. You can simply drop a message to your potential customers phone. As soon as they find time or they are interested in the product, you can expect a call back. There is a positive chance of closing sales. You can increase revenue using WhatsApp marketing. You can also use bulk WhatsApp marketing software to increase the reach. There are companies who do lead generation using WhatsApp for your business.

Advertise a Business on Google

You can advertise on Google if you are looking for instant traffic on your website. This is the fastest way to generate leads online. This is also the most popular way of marketing for startups. If you are new to business then it is very tough to reach customers using traditional ways of marketing. Above all, these are expensive marketing techniques. Customers take time to trust a new brand. In digital it is quite simple. Most people use Google to search for everything they need. You can advertise a business on Google with less money. During the search, if they see your advertisement, they can contact you. But remember, Google does not guarantee you business or conversions. You can only expect users, leads or some other action related to your marketing strategy for Google Ads. The cost of marketing is also less if you compare Google Ads with common marketing techniques.

Blogging for Business

You can use blogging for business or promote products using Google Ads. This does not mean there are no challenges in blogging. It is a long process where you have to keep patience. But, when you make a successful blog, the results are amazing. You can start with the basic skills for blogging and improvise with time. Many people use blogging as a full time career. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to advertise a business in the long run. If you increase traffic on the blog, more people see your brand. Blogging is also one of the ways to make money online.

As a result, your company becomes famous. A blog is also a method of increasing customer trust in a company. You can tell details of the product, benefits etc. in the form of articles. If you provide services, you can create a tutorial type blog and attract visitors. We have a whole category on creating a blog for more details.

Advertise a Business on Social Media

Everyone one is on social media these days irrespective of reason. Few people use it for connecting with friends and some for business. For some it is part of their online business marketing strategy. Social media promotion at least gives great visibility. You can also increase revenue in business using social media. Overall, it is a win-win situation. Your ads may not generate real time revenue. When you advertise a business on social media, your brand value increases.

Advertise on Facebook

In the process of advertising a business online, you cannot ignore social media. This is due to the rising popularity and a large user base. Facebook is the most famous social media website. As per one report Facebook alone has more than 2.9 billion users. This is more than many countries’ population. It is like a whole new planet. Due to this, you can use this as a technique to find new customers. There are many filters you can apply. Many people use facebook marketing as their primary ways to advertise a business online. For example: if you want to sell cosmetic products online, you can get sort based on gender, age group and location. The options are enough if you have the budget for social media marketing.

Discount & Offers to Advertise a Business

As a business person you should try festive season discounts and offers. Festive season discounts, End of season sales and Black Friday Sale are good examples. People wait for these events to do shopping and buy a lot of stuff. Many new companies use this to launch new products or advertise a business on social media and other ways of marketing.

Frequently asked questions about Advertising a Business?

Following questions should come to your mind when you want to advertise a business and make some money.

Google Ads, is it worth it?

This depends on your product. There is no official data about how much revenue you can make from Google Ads. This is due to the difference of Industries and the nature of work. Millions of companies promote business on Google. The products, services, nature of work and profit margin is also different. Therefore, it is not possible to rate everyone on the same sales rating scale or parameters. As per my personal experience, the average marketing cost on Google is anywhere between 30-45 percent of revenue. This is based on software company marketing cost analysis.

Can we use Facebook for local business marketing?

Yes, you can do it. Facebook gives you an option to choose among a wide range of audience. If you want to use Facebook for local business marketing, you can use them. You can select gender, age group and area based marketing.

SEO vs PPC – which one is better?

You cannot compare SEO with PPC or pay per click ads in a simple way. What method you chose from the ways to advertise your business depends on many factors. Therefore, your expectation should be clear. Pay per click or Google Ads give you instant results. You keep getting traffic on websites until there is money in your Google Ads account. As soon as your account reaches low balance, ads automatically stop. However, you can convert leads into sales if your product is competitive.

On the other hand SEO or search engine optimization does not guarantee instant traffic. There are many benefits of SEO for a website. First of all, SEO for small businesses is a long term marketing strategy. The process is slow and takes a lot of planning and hard work. But when the results start reflecting, it is for a much longer period. Above all, you do not pay for these clicks. If you can learn SEO and implement the right strategies, the results are amazing.

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