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Are you an entrepreneur working hard to make a brand famous? This article is for everyone who wants to start a business and make it big. However this is not a motivational article to provoke you to make a decision. However, this is about understanding business promotion expenses to keep the business growing. While running a business you face many challenges in business that pause your growth. In reality, many people start new ventures but do not prepare a business plan to survive. Due to this most businesses fail at a very early stage. Additionally, they also end up burning a lot of money for silly reasons. Promotion of business is one of them. Let us understand the different ways to promote a business and cost estimates for a few of them.

Ways to promote a business

There are many techniques to promote a brand. These include some traditional ways of marketing, modern or latest ways of marketing a business. Before we start, you need to create a marketing strategy. For example: you should know what all marketing techniques work best in your case. For example: if you have a grocery store in London, there is no need to put hoarding in California, USA. This will only increase your business promotion expenses. Therefore, you must be very careful. Every single penny is important and you should look for opportunities to save money. Let us start with the low cost marketing techniques.

Business Promotion Expenses on Facebook

To promote a business on Facebook, you need a Facebook account. Additionally, you also need to create a Facebook page for Business. Once these two things are ready you should make ads for Facebook. You can create advertisement posters using basic designing tools on your computer. This is also one of the ways to make money online while sitting at home. Many people create ads for money. You can hire freelancers for business. Coming back to the topic, posting ads on Facebook is free. It is like a regular post from your company’s official page. However, you can also use paid promotion.

Facebook Promotion Cost: you can start as low as $10 and go higher as per your requirement. This is the most common and the easiest way to promote a business online.

Festive Offer and End of Season Sales

If you are running a company then Festive offers or season discounts can bring good business. “Black Friday Sale” and “End of Season Sales” are great examples. Christmas Sale in the USA allows people to buy stuff at great prices. Not only in the USA, companies across the globe use Christmas as a great opportunity to sell products and services at a huge discount.

Cost of End of Season Sale & Discounts: The primary cost of business promotion is the discount itself and some preparation. For example: you sell a $100 product at 30 percent discount. The cost will be $30 per piece. But if you plan in advance and use the right marketing strategy it is an amazing opportunity. Other than this if you want to advertise a business then there is additional cost. For example: if you want to promote business on social media then platform charges are also part of the cost of business promotion expenses. You can also use Google Ads for small businesses or pay per click in case you need instant results.


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