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As soon as you think about starting a business, you also think about competition. Therefore, before you invest your first dollar, there should be a strategy in place. In addition, you should know about how you will market the business. There are free marketing tools and some paid marketing tools. These tools include pay per click ads on social media, advertising on Google etc. Each one of them is important and valid when it comes to running a business. Therefore, you should consider them all but here we will only discuss the free tools for marketing a business. Let us go step by step and under these.

Why Marketing a business is important

Marketing a business is important because this is a way to tell the world that your business exists. If your business is hidden, who will buy products and services? As a result, your business will fail. Therefore, you must create marketing strategies to promote a brand. But sometimes the cost of social media marketing or regular marketing tools is very high in comparison with margins. Due to this many people avoid spending money on marketing. Which is a negative for the brand. If you do not have enough budget, start with free marketing tools for small businesses. Here is a list of tools that you can use.

Free Marketing Tools for Small Business

There are many marketing tools for small businesses that you can use to promote a brand. This does not mean this will happen automatically. You have to make an effort with each one of them. In this case time is money that you pay to promote business online. Once you make money online using these free marketing techniques, you can use paid promotions. You can even use outsourcing services to make business famous. There are many benefits of outsourcing but this will happen at a later date. Let us focus on the free marketing tools.

Facebook Marketing is the best free marketing tool

This is the most famous way to market a brand. From your friends to the top business leaders, everyone is on Facebook. Due to this, you can connect with potential customers easily.

How to promote business on Facebook?

  • First of all, start with creating a Facebook page. This is easy and does not require any money.
  • Second step is to keep sharing some meaningful content about the brand on a regular basis.
  • At least, ask your friends to like the page so you get the base ready. With time, your Facebook page will start gaining traction.

There is a fair chance of potential customers contacting you. Additionally, you are also building brand value. Using this free marketing tool, you can promote business for free for a long time. You can also advertise on Facebook whenever you need it.

Bulk Email Marketing

Email marketing is the second most common technique of marketing a brand. If you have a good offer, sending bulk email is one of the best options. Due to this, you can directly reach your customer. In case of a good bulk mailing software or a bulk email provider then emails land in Inbox. If the email lands in a spam folder or junk folder, most people delete it without reading. Due to this, you must check this factor. Some bulk email service providers give you an option to send free emails in bulk in basic plans. There is a limit for sure but if you register with 3 to 4 service providers the number becomes big. As free marketing tools bulk emails have great results.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp gives you an option to share images, text and video messages. Due to this, you can easily create a beautiful greeting for business and share. You can also send WhatsApp messages in bulk using bulk WhatsApp message sender software. Since the message directly lands in the phone inbox, the chances of getting a call back are very high. This free marketing tool is available in each phone but very few use it. If you make best use of it, changes of increasing brand visibility are also high even if there is no call.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique to increase visibility of a website in search results. You can hire a software company to do the job but it is not tough to learn. You can learn SEO for free and start optimizing your website. This is a long process but if you succeed, the results are amazing. Almost everyone searches Google if they need a product or service. Due to this, you should optimize the website as per Google policies. Later you can think about Bing and other search engines also.

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