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Pay Per Click is the most common technique for promoting a company online. If you want to know how to promote business online then you reached the right place. In this article you will learn about the common tricks to promote a brand. Google AdWords is one of them and works on pay per click. PPC cost is different for each keyword. Due to this you need a lot of information before you start digital marketing for business. In this article you will read about some most important things everyone should know. If you miss this, you will end up spending a lot of money in marketing with no results. If you are planning to start a business then this is even more important.

What is Pay Per Click?

As the heading suggests, you pay when someone clicks on an advertisement. For example you are running a Google AdWords campaign to sell motorbikes. There is a cost per click every time a user clicks on the advertisements. Same way it works on social media ads. This is completely different from small business SEO where you get organic traffic. In addition, there is no guarantee of sales but the company will charge you. PPC cost sometimes is extremely expensive if you consider the product sale price.

Pay Per Click Advertisements Rates

First of all, the cost of pay per click advertisements depends on the keyword selection. Secondly, it depends on how clearly you refine search criteria. For example you want to sell a laptop online and you keep “buy laptop” as a keyword. There is a chance of getting more traffic because the keyword is generic. Many people will visit your landing page but there is very less chance of making a sale online. Even if the cost per click on a keyword is $1, you will end up paying a lot of money. As a result, your pay per click advertisements rate will also be high. Therefore, you should use meaningful keywords only. If you are selling a Lenovo laptop, keep the keywords as “buy Lenovo laptop” or “latest Lenovo laptops”. You can further refine them with configuration. The idea is to keep PPC cost as low as possible to increase profit.

What is PPC Cost Formula

There are multiple ways to calculate the cost of advertising on Google. Here is a list of most common factors that affect results.


The cost of an ad campaign depends on competition on the keyword. For example, there are 100 sellers running campaigns for the same products. The cost will be more and the one with maximum bid will come on top of search results. If you want to top searches, keep the bid amount or cost per click rate high. You just have to fix the daily, weekly or monthly budget and let Google decide about the per click rate on a real time basis.

Landing Page Quality

Landing page quality is the second most important criteria when it comes to search results. Therefore, you should make sure that the page has enough information about the product or service you are selling. You can also read our article about how to create a landing page to know more. If the quality of the landing page is good then your website can rank on top with less budget also. As a result the PPC cost will also be low.

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