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Are you thinking about advertising on Google? If the answer is yes then there are chances you heard about Facebook ads also. Running a business needs marketing and AdWords is one good tool for marketing. There are many types of Paid Advertisements on the internet. Paid advertisement campaigns provide instant traffic on your website. You can select between Google AdWords and Facebook for business. When you create a website then promoting it is also important. Here we have listed some of the most common ways to advertise on the internet.

Google AdWords

The most famous advertising platform is Google Ads. Google charges for pay per click marketing. It is easy to start advertising on google with your own budget. You can create an account on Google and start learning about it via online tutorials. You can also do google AdWords course. Self learning is best but it takes time. Therefore, you can hire an agency to promote business on the internet. You can also hire freelancers for running Google Ads. These people are professional and may deliver better results.

Benefits of advertising on Google with AdWords

Advertising on Google has many benefits. First of all, when you advertise via Google AdWords then you get instant traffic irrespective of site age.

Google gives you complete flexibility to control the advertisement.

There is no minimum budget requirement on daily spend.

Google gives you the option to select audience, demographic area and age.

Additionally, you get full flexibility to stop the campaign whenever you want.

Facebook for Business

Facebook small business marketing is becoming famous day by day. Same as Google AdWords, Facebook for business or Facebook Advertisements connects you with users on their social media platform. Total number of users on Facebook is in billions.

It is also the world’s most successful social network. Due to this, it is very easy to connect with new customers via Facebook. You just need resources to manage the cost of Facebook advertising.

This also works on pay per click model. First of all you need to create a Facebook post. This can be a video advertisement or a picture advertisement. You can directly publish the post via your existing Facebook account. Once posted you can convert this to sponsored advertisement by paying the money. Facebook also allows you to select budget and then run ads on Facebook.

Facebook Ads are very effective for new entrepreneurs due to flexibility. You can run Facebook ads as per your convenience, budget and audience. Additionally, there is full control on starting and canceling the advertisement.

Google AdWords and Facebook for business both are good. If you want instant visitors via search platform then you can select Google. On the other hand Facebook for business is linked with social media marketing.

YouTube Ads

You can also pay for advertising on YouTube. YouTube is a video content based platform. Billions of users go on this website to search for different types of content. You can create a video for business and advertise on YouTube. You can also read more in our article on promoting brand on social media.

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