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Corona virus spreads via many mediums. Corona virus has claimed more than 20000 lives worldwide. This is due to it is nature of easy spreading. The total number of infected people infected from corona virus reached more than 400,000.

There are many theories on how corona virus spreads. Out of all these theories the most common one is that it spreads person to person. For example if a corona virus infected person sneezes it can travel via these droplets. This can spread via clothes, things an infected person has used etc. To name some we must be careful while getting in contact with infected person.

How corona virus spreads?

Some of the mediums work as carrier of corona virus may include the list below. The objective is to ensure you are careful. Please make sure you wash your hands after touching these items in public places at least.

  • Cloths / masks used by infected person
  • Door Knobs (If touched by corona virus infected person)
  • Currency notes and coins
  • Debit / Credit cards used by the person (if used by infected person)
  • Food items and utensils
  • Masks thrown in open area (dispose your mask properly and do not touch lying outside)
  • Hospital stair railings (avoid touching them is possible or wash hands later)
  • Furniture inside / outside the facility where corona virus infected persona are kept
  • Courier packets

Any product that you purchase from the market (including plastic packed material) can work as career of corona virus

Wash or clean before use.

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