About us

Welcome to Info Butter. This is an initiative to create information that makes sense.

Why this Blog

Before starting this blog, I worked for 17 years on many profiles. Out of this total experience around 40% of the time I worked as an employee and 60% as an employer. As an employee I have been part of departments including Customer Support, Sales, Quality evaluation and Workforce Management. Later I left the job and started a business to be my own boss.

The idea of starting a business was always on the mind. As soon as the right time arrived, I decided to quit my job and move on. Therefore, I can tell you the exact difference between doing a job and running a business.

How this will Help You

During my 17 year of experience I have learned a lot of skills. Now I believe it is the right time to share this experience with the world. This blog is for those who want to understand some important aspects of doing business. Be with me if you want to learn a few skills that I learned. There are life changing lessons that I learned while doing business. That’s all I have.

Stay with me and keep learning new things. I believe that is what life is all about.

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