Terms of Service

We recommend our customers must read all these terms carefully. Our objective is to ensure that every customer is in agreement with the policies before making any transaction. All customers, vendors and other stakeholders must be in agreement with these terms before doing any financial or non financial transaction on our website. We also recommend that you stay in touch with us or keep reading this section to stay updated about any change of terms and conditions of doing business with us.

In case of any disagreement or clarification requirements you are free to connect with our team.
In case of no dispute / issues or clarification email available before transaction. We will consider this an automatic agreement. Any transaction is the complete responsibility of the person making it.

Change in Terms

Please note that these terms are subject to change with or without informing individual customers, vendors or other stakeholders. The decision to change policies is completely dependent on current market conditions and government policies. In case of a sudden change in government policies or new press releases these policies may immediately change.

Information on the website

All the information mentioned on this website is free to use. The core objective of creating this blog is to share articles based on real time business situations or experience. You can read almost anything free of cost.

Free downloads

We have developed some free business documents for everyone’s use. Due to this you can not only use the information but also download business documents free of cost. We have also not limited the reuse of documents to ensure unlimited opportunities for our users.

Paid Resources

You can buy some of our info products, software applications and document bundles. All these products will help you grow faster in the business. Software applications come loaded with features and fully documented. Due to this you can install software applications easily and start using them from day one.

Refund Policy

First of all we recommend our customers and vendors to check product details before purchasing it. Additionally, we also want you to read all the terms and conditions carefully before making the transaction.

Refund of payments is available on limited products. In case of refund or return warranties you will find the details on the product page itself. In case it is not mentioned in the respected product, you can assume this product does not come with a refund option.

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