503 Service Unavailable

One of the most common errors when you run a website is 503 Service Unavailable – The server is temporarily busy, try again later. Getting a 503 error once in a while or in long gaps is not a problem. Because all servers can run slower at some point and after some return back to normal after a reboot or a refresh. You need to worry when you are getting this regularly. There are two three main reasons that are causing the issue.

What is causing 503 Service Unavailable error

Check out the most common reasons behind the 503 error while loading the website.

Limited Resources

First of all, you need to check the hosting space and the available resources. For example: you are running a website that is 1GB in size. Your hosting company has given 1.5 GB of space with limited RAM. If your website has traffic then it is possible you end up exhausting all the resources very soon. Many companies run Google Ads to bring traffic or use other techniques to increase traffic on a website. As a result you may get a lot of traffic which ultimately makes the server busy and it may hang.

The Solution

The best and the only solution to deal with this kind of situation is to increase the resources. You can simply purchase a good hosting plan. Your website development company can easily do it for you.

Virus is making the website slow

Second reason for getting the 503 Service Unavailable error is virus. It is possible that your website gets infected. Since the whole website hacking process is automated with the help of a software there are multiple hits on the server at the same time. As a result, or due to multiple login attempts the website consumes all the resources and you end up getting this error.

The solution

This is a serious concern because it is a clear threat to your data and website overall. Irrespective of technologies (WordPress, .NET, JAVA or PHP etc.) can have this situation. Therefore, when you make a website, make sure you consider this. It is good to use the latest software for website development. Or use the most common technologies, because the software community will have the solution ready for you.

You can install an antivirus on the server and scan the website. You can also install some plugins for website security. In addition, you can updates WordPress (If the website is running on WordPress).

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