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Website development is one of the most searched keywords in Google today. Hundreds of articles are available on how to create a website but with time things keep changing. Therefore the website development course is also changing. We now have fast website hosting services available at low price and web design is no longer a big deal. You need to be aware about the latest technologies for website development to understand this better. In this article we will try and understand everything you need to know about creating a website. Starting from buying a domain to uploading a website on a windows server, we will understand all details.

It all starts when you buy domain name online

Whenever you start a business, there is always a brand name you want to make famous. In the internet world domain name is the brand name. There are many companies for domain names. You can buy a domain online from GoDaddy, and many other service providers. Irrespective of your domain reseller, all domain names come from ICANN. The full form of ICANN is “International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers”. This organization was founded on September 18, 1998 in California. If you want to read more about this organization you can check the official website of ICANN.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is URL (full form of URL is – uniform resource locator) name what you type in the browser. For example: is a domain name. Similarly it can be on your business name like The word “.com” mentioned at the end is domain extension. A domain extension varies business to business. There are 100’s of extensions available to select.

What is the best domain extension?

You may be looking for what is the best domain extension for SEO. Any domain name extension can be best depending what you want to do with it. Yes we can talk about common extensions. When you create a website the most common domain name is .com (commercial) that people look for. In case the domain name is not available, you can check some other options. This is among the oldest one and familiar domains. But this does not mean other domains can’t rank well. Therefore, you can choose among common extensions (com, org, net, co etc) or go with a country specific domain (us, uk, ca, au etc.) depending on your choice and business requirement.

What is the most common domain extension for business?

Most common domain extensions for are these:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .co

If you are looking for a country specific domain name extensions then you can go with these. There is a domain name extension available for all countries.

  • .us
  • .ca
  • .in
  • .au

Therefore, as I mentioned above, this completely depends on the requirement. For example the need for domain extensions for personal websites, domain extensions for business and domain extensions for education and domain extensions for a tech startup will be different.

Cost of buying a domain

Cost of buying a domain also varies company to company. The difference in the cost of a domain is not much therefore you can purchase a domain name from any leading company. Some companies also offer discounts on buying domains for more than one year.

Next step in Making a website is buy web hosting server

Before we move any forward we need to understand the basic server requirement for a website. For example server requirements for WordPress will be different from server requirements for website. Therefore, while making a website, you should look for these answers. Let’s get the answers to them one by one.

What is a hosting space?

When you create a website it has some web pages. These web pages are in the form of a digital file (or folder). Irrespective of size and type of website this requires some space. On the local system the website works fine but if you want this to be available on other locations, you need space on the server. This is also known as a remote server. The process of publishing a website is known as website hosting. There are many website hosting companies that provide this space for you. You can buy hosting space from anyone and start using it.

What are website software requirements?

Website software requirements are linked with website development technologies. For example a WordPress website works better on a linux based hosting space. On the other hand an website works better in a windows hosting server. Normally all servers come with pre-installed software. Therefore you do not need to worry about installing software on the server. The website hosting company will take care of this issue for you.

Windows vs linux hosting difference

You should buy hosting space based on your website technology. When you create a website, this question always comes to mind. To answer this, both the servers do fairly well in their respective spheres. Therefore, there is no point in getting a debate of what is better between windows and linux hosting. The online key difference is how convenient the hosting spaces are. In this case also both of them offer easy to manage user interfaces these days.

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