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Impact of Corona Virus on World is disastrous. You will be shocked to know How many people died due to corona virus.

Corona virus started almost 5 month back from China. However China also raised doubt about China being the epic center. Due to some reports China claimed that it started from USA.

Here is brief information on how many people died due to corona virus and other important facts.

Total Deaths Due to Corona Virus

Impact of Corona Virus on World is huge. Total deaths due to corona virus are more than 20000 and the number is increasing.

Corona Impact on the World

This deadly virus has reached more than 195 countries. Therefore we can say it has spread across the globe.

There are more than 350,000 people infected worldwide.

WHO Stand

Due to these many number of infected people “WHO” declared this a global health emergency.

Corona Virus Vaccine

This is a relatively new virus so as of now there is no vaccine available in the market. However many scientists are working on finding a solution. We can expect the corona virus vaccine soon because the best brains of the world are working day and night towards the solution.

You can also read other information about corona on this website. Use the search tool for more help.

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