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COVID cases in the world are rising. Corona cases in India are also coming in huge numbers due to the second wave. The demand for oxygen cylinder on rent is also rising. Due to this patients are facing huge challenges. Many people want to buy oxygen cylinders for home in this panic scenario. Some people are also looking for an option to buy an oxygen concentrator. There is also a debate about Oxygen cylinder vs Oxygen Concentrator. In this article we will compare these two and also read about how to increase oxygen level. People are using methods like stem and nebulization etc. to deal with the situation. First of all let us understand what an oxygen concentrator is. Additionally, many people are looking for an option to start a new business selling health products.

oxygen cylinder on rent, buy an oxygen concentrator


Buy Oxygen Cylinder on Rent

This pandemic has hit the world so hard that hospitals are fully occupied. All the resources are over exhausted and everyone is looking for a solution. Keeping an Oxygen Cylinder on rent is one of the options people are seeking. At first sight this looks simple and easy but there are challenges associated when you buy an oxygen cylinder or take it on rent. First of all if you are looking for an oxygen cylinder in Delhi NCR like places it is really tough to get. Even if you manage to find an oxygen cylinder seller then there are challenges.

  • People are making profit from it so you will not get it cheap. The prices are as high as 10-15 times of regular cost. This is due to black marketing.
  • Oxygen on rent is also very costly and it needs efforts to set up oxygen support at home.
  • In case of regular requirements you will have to refill on regular bases.
  • If your patient is critical, you need to maintain at least two of them to keep backup support.

Some frequently asked questions

How long does one oxygen cylinder last?

A 10 liter unit will provide support for around 4 to 6 Hours depending requirement.

Buy Oxygen Concentrators on Rent

This is one of the most convenient sources for home oxygen support. In simple words this is a small machine that extracts oxygen from the environment. Patients can use 85-90 percent pure oxygen. It is a smaller form of oxygen generator for home. Some of the common facts associated with oxygen concentrators for home are these.

  • First of all they are expensive. Due to huge demand patients have to buy oxygen concentrators 3-4 times the actual cost.
  • Most of these machines are imported from other countries.

Some frequently asked questions

From where can I buy an oxygen concentrator?

These are available on some ecommerce websites like Flipkart and amazon. But some of them are fake so be careful. You can also find a dealer locally (medical equipment supplier) Make sure you discuss all the details and requirements before placing the order.

How can I import an Oxygen concentrator in India?

If you have IEC (import export code) then you can directly import these from countries china. There are portals like alibaba.com that will connect you with the oxygen concentrator suppliers.

What is the cost of an oxygen concentrator?

At present there is no fixed cost. Different companies are selling it at different prices. Most companies are importing and selling. Due to this delivery date also varies. For many people oxygen level is low due to this they want to buy an oxygen concentrator urgently. The options are limited. In case of urgency you better go for Oxygen Cylinder on rent or buy one.

Note: Most of this information (numbers) is taken from articles available on the internet.

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