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Corona Virus treatment cost in India is not cheap. Be ready to pay huge amount in private hospitals. It varies depending on the choice of hospital and city. Most of the cases are treated in government facilities due to this government is bearing most of the Covid 19 treatment charges. Notably there is no specific treatment or vaccine available till now (at the time of writing this article).

Cost of Corona Virus Treatment

As per some recent reports where patients recovered from the virus, cost of corona virus treatment in India is approximately 250,000 to 16, 00,000. First of all there is no fixed treatment of corona virus till now due to this hospitals will give you flue medicines. Secondly your recover rate will decide how many day you have to spend in hospital. Room rent itself ranges from Rs. 3000 – Rs. 15000 / day.

Total price of corona virus treatment also depends on which hospital you want to get admitted to.

Impact of Corona Virus on World

Corona Virus Vaccine

Corona Virus Vaccine is still under trials across the globe. There are claims for early stage success but still there is only limited clinical trial on real patients. Due to which nobody is sure about how much time it will take to get to develop vaccine for COVID 19.

Covid 19 insurance policy

If you are looking for Covid 19 insurance policy then you need to know these details.

There are many companies offering covid 19 insurance policy with lucrative offers.

Most of them do not cover cost of PPE Kit, Masks, and Gloves etc. They count them as consumable items.

A large portion of Covid 19 bill amount is PPE Kits and other consumables only. This may burn a hole in your pocket irrespective of insurance policy.

We recommend this to read the offer document to ensure you are buying the right policy.

Corona Virus Test Price

Corona virus test price in most labs is Rs. 4500. Many private labs are now equipped to do the test. Above all in many hospitals there is a mandatory Covid 19 test for patients before admission. Like it or not but you have to bear this cost.

There is a contradiction or something else (think and make your opinion) in the thought. Government labs will not do your test until there are symptoms and private hospitals will do it mandatory if you have to admit for any reason and for any number of times. For example if a person gets admitted to hospital 2 times in a week, there will be two corona virus tests. (verbal communication with hospitals)

You can also read other information about corona on this website. Use the search tool for more help.

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