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Corona Virus cases in the world are rising everyday. As per the latest corona virus update there are more than 2.8 crore infected people in the world. The positive news is the recovery rate but still the death toll due to coronavirus has crossed. 900,000 people across the globe.

Corona Virus Update

Here is the latest corona virus update for you. The data includes collective numbers worldwide.


Job losses due to corona

The worry is not just about total infected people due to coronavirus. The real problem is its after effect. There are heavy job losses due to corona and salary cuts. Companies are forced to fire their employees. Due to this pandemic millions of people have lost their jobs. Getting a new job is also not easy at least during pandemic. Therefore, most people accepted the salary cut. Many requested social security income or filed unemployment claims in the US. These unemployment claims are on historical high. Therefore, it is a big disaster for the US economy. Additionally, the US economy directly impacts the world. The US economy’s impact on the world is also going to be huge for developing countries like India.

Impact of Corona Virus Cases on World

Impact of the corona virus on the economy

There is a drastic impact on the economic front. Many companies received sharm decline in sales. Due to this doing business is even more tough. The impact of the corona virus on the economy will be even worse if we do not get the vaccine early. Many countries used lock down as a tool to break the chain of coronavirus. Indian government implemented the toughest lockdown in the world. But the situation is still not good. Corona virus cases in India are also increasing. Therefore, the lockdown is now lifted to start the economy. Corona virus treatment cost is also very high. Therefore, people are spending their life savings in the hospitals. Still the best solution is prevention. Prevention is better than cure any day.

Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus cases are growing and till now the world is almost unsure about the coronavirus vaccine status. There are many developments happening. This list also includes Russia’s official claim of producing the coronavirus vaccine. More than 100 countries are working on it. Oxford also looks close but we still cannot claim about the time when it will be available for the general public.

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