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Starting your own business is an unmatched experience. Many people believe that people quit their job due to cruel bosses. But this is not true. Today we will unfold the book of most common reasons to start a business and quit a job. Money of course is important but it is not the only thing people are looking for. There can be a long list of reasons why start a business and quit your jobs but we will keep it as short as possible. Many people often ask why it is important to own a business. A business is an asset that you build over time. It is a journey that continues with time and you gain a lot of experience during this. There are many reasons for starting a new business. Starting from the vision to make money on the internet to leaving a legacy behind, different people think differently. Additionally you can also start a business and sell it later. Let’s understand the reasons one by one.

1 – Leave a Legacy

Business gives us an opportunity to leave a legacy behind. For example, you know the answer for how to become CEO of a company. You might also hold the position one day but once you decide, it’s over. Your children will look for a new job as a fresher and then you have to teach them this lesson again. Who knows how long the trick works.

On the other hand when you have a business that has survived for 25-30 years. There will be many customers purchasing products and services on a regular basis. You may or may not have huge cash in the bank account but the brand will be well known. You can handover this legacy to your children and they would not start from scratch. They will start from where you left and may make the brand even bigger.

2 – Source of Regular Income

A business is also among sources of regular income because of its deep roots. The older a business gets, the deeper the roots go. After some time when business comes on auto pilot mode, you make passive income from it. In the case of internet based businesses, you make money online with very small effort once the business becomes big. Therefore, after a certain time, businesses do not struggle much to attract new costumes. People know the brand name and they come to you. Whether you are doing offline business or sell via ecommerce website. With time you generate regular income in business.

3 – Most attractive reasons to start business is – No limit on financial gains

There are many ways to make money online and offline. But when you are working under someone or doing a job there is always a limit. Your salary always has an upper cap. Even sales executives have maximum salary limits in many companies. On the other hand as a business owner, you can earn as much as you want. There is no one to stop you from doing what you want to do. You take your own decisions, decide your own salary.

4 – You can Start a Business and sell it

As an employee you may be very talented and hard working. Many employees become the “star of the month” (best performer) on a regular basis and win awards at work. But have you ever heard that someone sold a job. In most cases it is not even legal.

On the other hand if you are doing business. You work hard and make it big. There are people looking for successful businesses. Even competitors may ask you to sell business and leave with a lot of cash. Therefore, you can sell a business to competition very easily. Additionally, you can also sell business online. You can also find consultants and take their advice. This may be one of the best reasons to start a business that you can start a business and sell it at profit.

5 – Become your Own Boss

The question of how to be your own boss gets in almost every employee’s mind. Many people start a business and quit the job for this single reason. But very few people have good and new business ideas to start. There are traditional businesses to start and there are non conventional one. You need to decide where you want to put your efforts. The idea is to make profit in business. If you know how to make money then you just need to start. Business gives you an opportunity to be your own boss and can be your primary reason to start business.

6 – Follow the passion

One more reason to start a business is passion. If you really want to do something or there is a hobby which can be converted into a career. There is nothing better than this. Just go ahead and start the business while enjoying your hobby. Additionally, the more passionate you are about business ideas, the more chances of success there are. Normally passionate people are also more dedicated and they feel less tired about their work. You can even start a business with no money if you have some creative idea and passion to do it. In other cases you can find an investor to start a business.

7 – Start a Business to Show Creativity

If you have creative business ideas then it may attract a lot of buyers. You can show your creativity in the form of products. Many people are interested in art, handicraft and cultural products and services. You can pick your niche and start moving slowly. You not only have fair chances of being successful but also have the option to establish your personal brand. Many business owners have brands with their names and they are doing really well. Both in terms of money and fame. If your reason to start a business is creativity, you probably does not need anything else.

All those reasons to start a new business might motivate you to start a business and quit your job. Before you make a decision, do enough research to foolproof your plan. There cannot be any regrets because everyone wants to be your own boss and there is a cost attached to it. Once you pay the cost, kick start business and do everything that it takes to make a successful business model, sky’s the limit.

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