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After the coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic hit the world, Online Education Platforms are rising. Due to this online education companies are growing at a very high pace. The World is moving upside down due to pandemic and will have a long term impact. Online learning classes are very common and online teaching jobs are now available. Many companies are asking employees to do work from home. Additionally, work from home jobs in every sector are popping up. Therefore the requirement for work from home employees is also increasing day by day.

We have collected some top websites for online education and benefits of online learning. Additionally, we will also provide some other important information about this.

What is an Online Education Platform?

An online education platform provides flexibility to study at home. You only need a phone with internet connection. Having a laptop does a wonderful job due to its multitasking abilities.

Online education platforms

First of all there are many websites and online education tools. Companies like Google & Microsoft have some free education software applications. Zoom also provides one of the most popular online meeting software for business. Zoom also works well with individual meetings.

Microsoft Teams offers great experience. Many schools are using Zoom and Microsoft Teams as their primary software for online teaching.

Advantages of Online Learning Classes

There are many Advantages of Online Learning Classes. Some of them include the list below.

Online education saves a lot of time. Children study at home under supervision of their parents. Due to this we can save time from getting ready for school and coming back.

Parents are aware of what is going on in the class.

Children are safe at home. No need to worry about pandemic (COVID19)

Online Learning in India – Limitations

Online learning in India is still a goal to achieve. Many institutes are running online classes. As per some reports, internet users in India are growing. But a very limited number of people have access to the high speed internet. Therefore, due to lack of infrastructure it is still a distant dream. The government needs to invest in creating IT infrastructure. If there is an increase in online learning opportunities, then more students will be able to benefit from it.

Best Websites for Online Education

There are many websites for online education. There are some good companies providing online classes. But for reference you can check below mentioned companies. has the widest range of courses available. In other words this is a marketplace for online education. The best part of is that you get dirt cheap rates for courses. Under $10 you can learn almost anything available on the site. Just scan through the website and purchase the course you like.

Unacademy is an Indian start-up company. This brand was established under Sorting Hat Technologies Private Limited in 2015. If you want to prepare for the UPSC exam, SSC exam or Bank exam then you can learn with unacademy.

They also provide online coaching for the IIT exam via an online training method. is good if you want an international degree. If you want to know the admission process in international universities then this is good. They make complex things easy and straight away get you admission. Online classes are also available from university teachers.

There are many more brands working in collaboration. You just need to get connected for relevant information.

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