led lights for home, price of led lights, led slim panel, led concealed light, led street light

LED lights or light emitting diodes have almost replaced the standard halogen bulbs. If you are thinking about LED lights for home and office then read on to know complete details. These lights come in different shapes and sizes. Price of LED lights and type completely depends on your requirement. For the ceiling you need LED slim panel or LED concealed light. LED bulbs work perfectly fine for regular use. For commercial LED lights you can go with large size LED slim panels. Other than this you can buy LED Street light, LED Concealed lights, LED Par light and LED surface panels. For outdoor activities LED flood lights work as the perfect solution for brightness. Depending on the requirement price of led lights also varies. Read the complete article to know everything about the LED world.

Cost Effective LED Lights also offer good brightness

This is the major reason for their fame. Cost effective LED lights does not mean they are available for free. A good brand will charge you 10 times more than the cost of a normal bulb. But the ownership cost is way less. 9 Watt LED bulb is more than sufficient to replace a 60 watt bulb. Therefore, over the period of time you are able to recover this extra money due to low power consumption.

LED Bulb vs Halogen Bulb

LED Bulb vs Halogen Bulb debate is old now but still there are few points to clearly differentiate.

led bulb vs halogen bulb

First of all the main difference is light. LED bulbs offer more light spread because they produce less heat. Due to this they are also referred to as a source of cool white light.

Halogen bulbs consume more electricity than light emitting diodes (LED). As a result we get much less energy consumption.

Initial Cost of the Halogen bulb is less in comparison but the cost of ownership is more.

At last the most common color is white in case of LED as compared to Yellow in halogen bulbs.

Best LED Lights for Home

We have collected a small list of LED’s that you can use at your home.

led concealed light

LED Slim Panels

led slim panels

LED Slim Panel offers a good spread of light. They also look very beautiful. They enhance the overall appeal of your ceiling while doing the core job. Generally, led slim panel come in square and round shape. Some manufacturers also make them in star design lights or any other format. LED slim panels are easy to install because they come with installation clips on the slide. Due to this you can easily hang them on the roof ceiling.

LED Panel Warranty

All top brands offer LED panel warranty because of their life. The warranty is dependent on the company. From 1 year standard warranty to 5 years you get what you pay for.

Price of LED lights

Price of LED lights also varies brand to brand. The range is so wide that some offer you at the price of a halogen bulb. Bigger brands charge on the name of warranty and quality. But in reality most products are very similar in configuration. You only end up paying a premium for the brand value.

3 Watt led bulb to 48 Watt

The range is wide depending on the usage and requirement. You get them from 3 watt led bulbs to 48 watt as standard configuration. You even get higher watt LED lights in the form of Flood lights.

LED concealed light

led lights for home, price of led lights, led slim panel, led concealed light, led street light

LED concealed light or led down light panels are the same. You can install them on your roof ceiling. These LED panels also come in various shapes and enhance the overall look of your home and office.

LED Street Light

led street lights

LED Street light is also better than old halogen bulbs. They produce less heat and offer great spread of light. Therefore, they also contribute to the environment. You can also use them with solar panels because led solar lights are also very common. You do not need to charge them or plug into the power socket. They charge via sunlight and bright up the streets in the night.

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