national unemployment day

National unemployment day is an event no nation would like to celebrate. But Indian youth celebrated national unemployment day on September 17, 2020. This is not in the list of celebrations in India. It is also not in any list of festivals celebrated in the world. This is a new event or a symbol of protest.

National Unemployment Day

Why September 17

September 17 is selected because it is PM Narendra Modi’s birthday. India is going through a really tough phase and youngsters believe that it is due to Narendra Modi’s poor economic policies. PM Modi has been heading the country since 2014. Here is a list of common claims.

  • Mr. Modi, promised 2 crore employment every year. If we calculate at least 12 crore jobs should be created in 6 years. But due to poor policies many people lose their jobs and forget about creating new opportunities.
  • Decisions like demonetizations have destroyed businesses. Above all, the government has not given any clarification about the after effects. On most issues they claim to have no data.
  • Government jobs in India are very less with very limited vacancies. Government also privatised many PSU’s (Public Sector Units) to generate money.
  • There is a hold (since a long time) on many government vacancies. People who cleared the recruitment process are also waiting for joinings.
  • Unplanned lockdown worked as the last nail in the coffin. Due to this Indian economy is in deep stress. Almost 24% of the negative economy is not good for any country. Nation will take a long time to recover from this disaster.

Most of these have direct involvement of PM Modi. Due this youngsters decided to select this day as national unemployment day. The idea is to show symbolic protest and attract media eyeballs towards real issues of the country.

National Unemployment Day & Role of Indian Media

Technically the media is also responsible for this protest. It is evident that most news channels are not showing news. They either look like entertainment channels or agenda machines. Their job was to protect the country. Many students believe that news only shows only government driven agenda. Therefore, they decided to bring their issue on their own hands by creating national unemployment day. Some of the best indian news channels do not care about real issues. Now students are making them irrelevant. They are looking for other sources to speak. Twitter is among the top priority list. They are showing their anger on PM Modi’s videos by disliking them. Financials are important but Indian news channels should help youngsters if they want to be relevant.

How it Works

The experiment started with trending on twitter. Youngsters ensured that the twitter trends show their issue. The re-tweeted, commented and re-tweeted. The idea worked and their issues started coming on top. Now people are also very active on YouTube (video sharing platform). PM Modi’s “Man Ki Baat” has millions of dislikes. These youngsters of India are responsible for it. The interesting thing to note is that they are following the route which Mr. Modi Showed. They ring bells, clap and use thalis to protest.

Relevance of National Unemployment Day

Anyone who believes is unsinkable is wrong. Titanic is a real example. The ruling party in India has an undisclosed agreement to control the media. All this is in the name of advertisements which is actually India’s tax payer money. Indian youth is now moving a step forward with celebrating national unemployment day.

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