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If you are running a business or working as an employee, renewal reminder emails are common. In case of a service provider then service renewal email template is an important document. To sell services on a monthly subscription (or annual) you need to send payment reminders. We can also call this as a payment reminder email template. Customers forget to renew the service many times. These email templates for service renewals help them. Here we have named a few services for reference. Therefore, you can change the service name to customize for your business. This includes website renewal email template and few others.

Website Renewal Email Template

Website Renewal Email Template includes three important aspects. First of all you mention the last date of renewal. The next important thing is website renewal cost. For example if the customer uses GoDaddy services then you can mention GoDaddy website renewal cost. The last thing is payment mode. You can also mention account details in the same email template. Additionally, you can add a payment link for online payment.

Dear Client,

Please note your website (mention website) is due for renewal. Kindly make the payment of USD: 99.99 (change currency) to renew the website for next year. Last date of making website renewal payment is before September 30, 2020. Therefore we request you to take care of it to avoid suspension.

Services will be suspended in case we do not receive the payment. You can also make payment online via debit or credit card. Click Here (Add payment link) to renew the service.

Use this account for a bank transfer for the website renewal.

Bank Account Number –

Name on Account –

Bank Name –

IFSC Code –

Branch Number –

All the information mentioned in the template is important. Therefore, try to include as much information as possible. Additionally, give customers enough time to pay. You can also send this service reminder email template 30 days in advance. This is also a standard practice.

Please feel free to contact us for inquiries or assistance.

With Warm Regards,

Executive Name

ABC Corporation Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers below for some common questions that you may have.

What is the right time to send service renewal reminder email

The standard time to send payment reminders to customers is 15-30 days. If you are selling annual subscriptions, you can send reminders 3 months in advance. These are just standard numbers common to industries. You can send service renewal emails as per your convenience and business requirements.

What are parts of the service renewal email template?

There are 3 to 4 things that you must mention as part of your website renewal template or a software renewal template. First of all you inform the customer about the renewal date. Additionally, you also tell the customer about the cost of renewal. Make sure you are using diplomatic language in writing emails to make sure customers do not get the message wrong. If there are penalties or possibility of cancellation of service, mention at the end politely. At the end provide bank details and standard modes of payment that you will accept as a company.

An email template is one of the best ways to send payment reminders. Customers also prefer a company that sends service reminder emails well in advance. Check more business documents and get email templates from our business document list. Watch our YouTube channel to know more about creating a website.

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