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Modern world is more connected than ever before. Google If you are running business, you cannot ignore marketing services by Google. AdWords can become your primary modes of marketing if you use it the right way. On the darker side, if you do not manage Google AdWords campaign the right way, it can also suck all your money. In this article I will tell you about how Advertising on Google can impact your business revenue. Additionally, we will also understand how Google keyword planner can help you in setting up the marketing campaign using AdWords.

Advertising on Google is the best mode of marketing for small business

There are many reasons to start a business but the end goal is same for most businesses. Everyone businessman want to make profit in business. When you are just launching a startup then the brand is unknown. It takes time for people to recognize brand and buy from you.

Benefits of using Google Ads

If you need instant traffic on your website then advertising on Google is the best option. And believe me this is not a baseless claim. You can read this in benefits of using AdWords.

Reach broader Audience

First of all, Google gives you complete freedom to set up marketing campaign. For example, you want to run AdWords campaign in a specific location for people who speak a specific language. You can do it. It gives you lot of option to choose a broader range of audience. You can do target marketing using various options like city, area, Age, Gender and Household income.

Unlimited Opportunities

The cost of running Google Ads varies company to company. Additionally, there is no limit on how much you can spend in Google Ads. Due to this you can attract as many users as you want and become a successful business in a limited time. You only need a strong team that can deliver fast results. If you do not have a budget problem, you set a higher daily spend limit in Google Ads. This opens up great opportunities for the business.

Exact Match Keywords

Google keyword planner gives you an idea about what customers are searching. If you do not want to reach a broader audience, you can do it. You can set up Google AdWords campaign in such a way that you only get billed for exact keywords. Due to this you save a lot of money.

Pay Per Click Advertising

This is one of the key reasons why people choose advertising on Google. All the campaigns are based on pay per click advertising. Google Ads Manager bills you only for clicks. If nobody clicks, there are no charges. On the other hand, promoting a brand using traditional marketing techniques requires a lot of money upfront. There is no guarantee for generating leads for business.

Lead Generation Process is part of the campaign

This is one of the options in Google marketing. You can set up a campaign for a sign-up form. For example, you do not want clicks on the website. You simply want leads for business. If your profit margins are good then this is the best marketing campaign type.

Google AdWords call only campaign

Call only campaigns are best suited to people who want to get calls from a customer. Advertising for small business delivers best results when you are connected with the customer. First of all, you receive a call where you can convince customer for buying product or service. Cost of call only campaign is little higher but if you are able to convert the leads, it is also the most fruitful.

In reality, you can gain a lot of traction with Google Ads network. Due to this many people use to make new customers. Irrespective of the size, this marketing tool is available to everyone.

Dark Side of Google AdWords

There are always two sides of a coin. We just read about the brighter side of the google search ads. Now it is time to understand some points that you may not like.

Google ads cost is very high

Yes, that is right. As I said there is no limit on advertising budget for Google Ads. Due to this there is a chance of over spending. Sure, you can stop the campaign whenever you want it. Google only guarantees you clicks or actions (reaching a page or clicking a button) and not conversions. Due to this in some categories your average cost of marketing on Google becomes too high. Sometimes, you realize that more than 50% of your product selling cost if going into marketing on Google. Therefore, be very careful about your daily spending limit. Google ads accelerated delivery can eat all your money in one single day without getting even one single lead.

High Competition

We all know that there is high competition in the market. Due to this advertising costs are also going up. Whoever, bids maximum can appear in top search results. You may have a better product but Google is also a profit centric company like any other business. Therefore, making money from Google Ads is not easy. You will have to compete with 1000s of brands in your category. I just sharing reality of Google Ads campaign. This is from a personal experience. You need to be very careful while advertising on Google.

Frequently asked Questions about Google AdWords

Now it is time to learn Google AdWords with some frequently asked questions.

Can I outsource Google AdWords?

Most businesses do not have technical skills for managing AdWords campaign. Due to this they outsource business to a digital marketing company. This saves a lot of time and resources. But always keep your eyes open because many software companies are cheating customers. In the name of running AdWords campaign, they send huge invoices. Always have an expectation vs reality chart ready with you. Do target based contracts to make sure your money goes into safe hands. It is better to connect with an experienced software company.

What is Google AdWords

Google Ads is an online advertising platform. There are two primary methods of promoting when it comes to websites. These are Search Ads and Image Ads. You can choose anyone depending on your requirement.

What are Google Search Ads?

When you are marketing on Google, search ads are most common tool for marketing a brand. These are the ads that you see when using a search engine. Normally these are denoted by “Ad” before the search result. This is one of the most used method of advertising on Google.

What are an Image Ads?

There are many websites linked in Google Ads Network. For example, you are running a blog and want to make money from blogging. If your blog is famous you can register for Google AdSense. If approved you join Google Partners Program for revenue sharing. As an advertiser, your image ad will display on these websites depending on your target marketing strategy.

How to make a Google Ads account and why create one?

If you have an email ID on Gmail, you can register for the Google Ads Account. After simple verification / authentication process your account will become active. You may also get a Free Google Ads credit when you register for the first time. Inside your Ads account you get google keyword planner as part of a Google Ads account. You can use it for checking cost of Ads campaign. There are options like keyword traffic search and keyword volume finder to make your life easy. You can also target specific mobile devices using Google Ads.

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