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Everyone likes free products and services. Things become more interesting when you are running a business. We are talking about free mass mailing websites. Sending bulk email is one of the best marketing strategies. In this competitive world where everything has a cost, you can get this free. Think of it from a different angle. What if I tell you that you can save a lot of money in marketing. There are some free marketing tools to grow your business. You may be surprised but email marketing is one of those marketing tools. You have two key options. One is using mass mailing software, connect with your business email and start sending emails. The other option is mass mailing websites that anyone can use.

Money Saved, is as good as Money Earned

The ultimate goal of business is to make money. Therefore, cost effective marketing is the best way to increase profit in business. There are many free marketing tools and bulk emails service is one of them. In the beginning you can use the free plan and start promoting business. If you see results coming, register for the paid mailers.

How sending mass mailers helps increasing sales

There are many benefits of using bulk mail service. Same as mass texting, you can connect with customers directly. Here is the list of some amazing thighs you can do with sending mails in bulk. To start with, you can send bulk emails to 1000s of customers at the same time.

Mass Mailers are cost effective

Unlike common marketing techniques, this one is cost effective. The cost of sending mass mailers every day for a whole one month is cheaper than hiring sales executives. But you calculate when you pay for them. If you are using a free mass mailing website then the cost is nothing.

Lead Generation

Let generation is one of the most important aspects of making a business profitable. More leads is directly linked with increasing revenue in business. Sending bulk emails helps you generate leads online. There are bulk email marketing templates you can use free of cost. You can also create email templates for digital marketing as per your choice. The email directly reaches your potential customer’s mailbox. Additionally, you can also generate new leads using mass mailers.

Brand Building

Many companies use this as a brand building exercise. They send weekly newsletters using mass mailers. Some use this for product promotion or informing customers about an upcoming sale. If the brand is in regular touch with customers, they feel good and recommend it to others. As a result you build a positive atmosphere for the brand. This helps you in generating more leaders and increasing revenue in business.

Free Mass Mailing Websites & Software

You can send promotional emails to your clients without a single penny. Most of these are well known brands and have a free plan. In this plan you can send free emails (limited) every month. This email sending limit is sufficient if you are just starting a business. Later you can take a paid subscription depending on your requirement. Check out the list below sending mass mailers today itself.

Mail Chimp

MailChimp is one of the most trusted free mass mailing websites that you can use for promoting a business. You sign up for a free bulk email sending plan and save up to 2000 contacts. To these 2000 contacts you can send a maximum of 10,000 free emails in a month.

Mail Kitchen

Mail Kitchen is the second most trusted free mass mailing website that you can use for promoting a business. You sign up for a free bulk email sending plan and save unlimited contacts. To these contacts you can send a maximum of 8,000 free emails in a month.

Send in Blue

In the case of “Send in Blue” you can save unlimited contacts. To these contacts, you can send a maximum of 300 free emails per day.

Free Mass Mailing Websites also have paid subscriptions

How to use Free Mass Mailing Websites?

Sending bulk emails using a mass mailing website is quick and easy. There is a three step process in most of the websites.

1 – First of all the primary requirement is to create an account with these bulk mailing websites.

2 – Important contacts to the mailing list.

3 – Create an email template or edit an existing email template.

4 – Create a campaign and send it to potential customers.

How can I send 30,000 free emails to my customers?

The answer is simple, create three different accounts. Every company has a limit of 8000 to 12,000 free emails per month. The total number will be around 30,000.

How to remove MailChimp Logo from mass mailers?

In the free subscription, the company does not give you an option to remove the logo. You need to upgrade the plan on this bulk email sending website. Then only you will be able to remove the logo.

How can I sign up for Free Mass Mailing Websites?

The process is simple. You just need to create a free account, verify your identity and get started.

Can I send unlimited emails using a mail server?

Yes, if you set up a mailing server, there is no limit on sending emails. The only threat is getting the IP blacklisted with access use. Nobody likes to receive a ton of emails on a daily basis. Therefore, send limited emails for best results.

Can I send bulk emails legally?

Sending bulk emails or mass mailers is absolutely legal and an amazing marketing strategy. But every country has its own rules for email marketing. When you create a mass mailing campaign, make sure there is an unsubscribe option. If customers do not want to receive, they can opt out of the mailing list. This will solve most of the issues that people raise related to receiving emails in bulk.

How to get mass mailing software free of cost?

Mass mailing software is free if you are using any of these free mass mailing websites. All of these are connected with a web based app and tools for sending bulk email. Therefore, you do not need to purchase bulk mailing software.

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