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Marketing is the most important part of business. In simple words, chances of business success depend on good marketing practices by business owners. Mass texting or bulk text messaging gives you an option to reach more customers in less time. Your message reaches exactly on their mobile phone. I have collected a lot of information about bulk SMS service and SMS service providers. This information is really helpful in understanding the bulk SMS business better. You can also understand how sending mass text messages is good for business. Additionally we will also learn techniques to make profit in business using bulk messaging.

What is Mass Texting?

The meaning of bulk SMS service is hidden inside the name. In simple words, you can send messages in bulk to a large group of people at the same time. Mass texting is a marketing technique that you can use to connect with your customer. As part of the process, first of all You maintain a phone number database of potential clients. Then you send messages to all of them at the same time.

Connect with More People in Less Time

The main objective of mass texting is to send messages to more people in less time. When companies want to reach out to their audience in one go, they send bulk SMS to them. Political parties also use bulk SMS service during elections. The idea is to attract more voters towards their ideology. Some people also use Bulk WhatsApp messaging service to reach more users.

What is the alternative to sending messages in bulk?

Mass texting is one of the best tools for marketing. If you want an option, you can make use of bulk email service. This is also one of the best marketing tools available. It is easy to attract a lot of business via bulk emailing. The cost of sending bulk email is also affordable. If you have a mailing server that you can send unlimited emails at a very nominal price.

How does sending messages in bulk work internationally?

If you are selling in international markets then normally you use transactional messages. In case of a MASS texting as transaction messages, they automatically go via bulk SMS software code integrated. The software application or the website does this for you.

Can I send bulk text messages from the computer for free?

The answer is yes, you do have software to send free messages. You can install these software applications on your PC (personal computer) and start using them.

What is the difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS?

The primary difference between promotion and transaction SMS is the purpose. Promotional or mass texting is related to promoting a brand. The main objective is to reach as many people as possible. Additionally, we also expect to generate some leads or increase sales using bulk SMS service.

In promotional SMS, the message goes only to limited people. Many times it is an OTP (one time password). For example, you make a purchase online using an ecommerce website. As soon as you receive an OTP on your mobile phone. This message is a transaction message and the OTP message template is same most of the time.

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