sending one time password, OTP email template

One time password or OTP is a common term today. Almost everyone knows about it because this is linked with security. One time password or OTP authentication ensures that only authorized people have access to an account. Data is more precious than gold and hackers are working round the clock to steal your personal and business information. Whether you are making a website or looking for a new business idea, keep security on top priority. Most applications are sending OTP messages on phone and email. Due to this you feel more secure. Phone is in your hand and comes with a fingerprint lock or fingerprint authentication. Emails are also password protected. Collectively these two make transactions secure. In this article I will tell you about sending one time password authentication in detail and share OTP email templates at the end.

Starting with the full form of OTP

Full form of OTP is one time password. Going by the simple definition one time password means a password that will be invalid after single use. Many people save their password or write them down somewhere. Saving an OTP is useless because you cannot use it after a certain time. Sending a one time password or OTP is part of the authentication process. Therefore OTP email template should look professional. Companies need to be very careful about this. Most of the time customers receive this password on their mobile phones. Sending OTP on email is also a good option for added security.

Sending one time password process

This process starts when a user tries to do a transaction on a website. Transaction may or may not be financial depending on the nature of product or services.

First of all a user selects a payment option after clicking the pay now button (here we are considering a financial transaction). The customer is able to see a screen asking OTP on the computer or mobile phone.

On the click even the website generates a unique code (4-6 digits) for this transaction. After this SMS sending code triggers and the notification goes to the customer’s mobile.

As the next step the customer enters an OPT or one time password in the textbox.

The website matches OTP entered with code in the database. This is because the customer receives the same code as the one in the database. If both code match then the transaction is processed. In case of a mismatch transaction failed reason is displayed as incorrect code entered.

In addition to this your source code for sending a one time password must be secure. Because an error in the code can breach customer trust.

sending one time password, OTP email template

OTP Email Template

Correct OTP email format is very important because of security reasons. We must cross check all important factors and part of the email body before sending. You can also use this readymade OTP email template for sending one time password.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for being associated with our company (mention company details).

You have accessed Internet Banking linked to your loan Account XXXXXXXX3212 for which One Time Password (OTP) has been generated and sent on your registered mobile number XXXXXX0111 on Jul, 01, 2020 at 06:26.

In case you have not logged in to your Internet Banking, please call our Customer Care. You can also write an email at


Our executives never ask you about one time password. We recommend you do not share this with anyone to prevent fraudulent transactions.

We are always available at your service. Feel free to connect with our executives.


Company Name and other details

OTP message template

OTP message templates are also equally important as sending one time password email. You should create a standard OTP format to make sure the message is grammatically correct and makes perfect sense.

Here we are listing some OTP message templates for reference. Check out the list and edit the message to make it convenient for your application.

OTP message template for banking

You can use this for banking transactions or any other financial transactions. Change the reason and amount as per your requirement. Unique code generations happen at the software end. The number will automatically change with every new transaction in good code. Check out the SMS templates before start sending one time password messages or emails.

OTP Template 1

477020 is the OTP for the transaction of INR 1000. OTPs are secret. Therefore, do not disclose this to anyone.

OTP Template 2

Use 477020 as OTP for the transaction of INR 1000. OTP is secret and can be used only once. Therefore, do not disclose this to anyone.

OTP Template 3

Your OTP for the transaction of INR 1000 is 477020. OTP is secret and can be used only once. Therefore, do not disclose this to anyone.

OTP Template 4

Your OTP for the transaction of INR 1000 is 477020. Do not disclose this to anyone and delete the message after use. Contact customer support if you did not request for it.

OTP Template 5 – with Date & Time

The OTP is 477020. This OTP generated at 03-05-2021 11:26:55 and valid for 20 seconds. Info Butter Corporation.

OTP Template 6

Use this to send OTP for credit card transactions or raising a dispute.

477020 is OTP for transaction of $99.99 at Greenwich Corporation on AMEX Card XX8009. Call 1800-000-1111 for a dispute. SMS “BLOCK8009” to block the card.

You can change the company name, date and time of the message based on real time bases.

You can also mention customer support numbers while sending one time password messages or email. Additionally, always buy a bulk transaction messages package instead of the promotional one. Take it from a well known company for added convenience, security and support..

Importance of OTP in ecommerce – Sending one time password is fast

Authentication is an important aspect of ecommerce transactions. Especially in the case of cash on delivery orders. Therefore, you should create OTP email template or SMS templates carefully. This is linked with security of an online transaction. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with the OTP SMS template. When you are making an ecommerce website make sure your website authenticates all customer accounts. A one time password provides a quick solution. Sending one time password email or SMS is the fastest way of authenticating a person. Due to this you get instant results and can proceed with the next step of transactions.

You can also check more email templates on our website to increase your accuracy and efficiency.

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