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Sending job application confirmation email is important because this is your first communication with the candidate. These candidates are future employees of the company. Therefore, as an HR executive you have responsibility to process everything smoothly. You also need to make sure that the communication is professional. Due to this you can portrait right picture of your company. Confirmation email for job application may or may not go through automated route. Just make sure your job confirmation email reply is precise. Writing emails to executives also becomes effective when we use job application confirmation email template.

Parts of Email Reply

You can use following information as part of email reply to candidates.

  • First of all use an attractive subject. This should be self explanatory.
  • Next thing is the email body. Here you need to ensure correct grammar and sentences.
  • At the end mention your name and company details.
  • You can also include date of application, source of job application and reference id if applicable.
  • Include social media links to create social connect with future employees. This will also help you increase probability of sharing future requirements of the company.

Job application confirmation email format

Use below mentioned format to send emails to candidate.

Subject: We have received your job application.

Dear Candidate,

This is to confirm that we have received your email about job application for the post of Quality Engineer. One of our executive will get in touch with you to inform about further proceedings associated with the interview.

Please feel free to write back in case of any further clarification is needed.

(You can remove or replace this line in case of automated response. You can also write something more meaningful.)

Warm Regards,

HR Team

Company Name Pvt. Ltd.

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