wordpress website loading slow, increasing website speed

First of all if your WordPress Website Loading Slow then there can be many reasons. Increasing website speed takes some time. Therefore you need to be very patient during the process. Before you start the process check website performance and note so you can compare with results achieved.

5 Reasons why wordpress website is loading slow

I am working with wordpress websites since long time. There can be many reasons due to which wordpress website is loading slow. Here is a list of top 5 Reasons why wordpress website is taking time to load.

How to check wordpress website speed

You can check wordpress website speed using multiple ways. We have listed some of the best techniques to increase website loading speed.

Your WordPress Website Loading Slow is directly associated with solution provided.

1 – WordPress Website Loading Slow due to Poor Server Performance

First of all this is most important factor and can do wonders in increasing website performance. Most websites are listed on shared server due to this resources are shared. These resources include server processor, RAM and bandwidth. As a result your site loads slow. To improve server performance you can upgrade to a high performance server. You can also go for dedicated wordpress website hosting services. This one step itself is capable of improving website load speed.

2 – Image Optimization & CSS is important for increasing website speed

When I say image optimization then I am talking about reducing the size. Reducing image size can directly impact performance of website. Because internet works on simple formula lower the size higher the speed. CSS or style sheets also take lot of time. If you use CSS optimization techniques like creating stylesheet.min then this will load faster. In case of wordpress you can use image optimization plugins to do the job.

3 – Remove unwanted files and folders

With time wordpress keeps collecting lot of data. For example each revision you do in the article or anywhere in the website gets stored in the database. You can do this using speed optimization wordpress plugin or unwanted database cleaning process. You can easily find a good database cleaning plugin available. A simple plugin is WP-Sweep which you can use to clean WordPress table data.

Sometime there are unused plugin available which you should remove. Every file takes some space.

4 – WordPress Cache Plugin

WordPress Cache plugin is one of the most important tools for optimizing website performance. Cache plugin does not delete anything from the site. It simply saves pages in cache folder. This reduces repetition of loading files to run a website. Whenever customer visits your site again then some files load directly from the local browser.

5 – Use GZIP compression for wordpress

When you use GZIP compression for wordpress the website loads much faster than regular. Due to this resources load faster especially CSS and images.

When you use all these latest techniques to improve website performance, expect great results. Improvement is an ongoing process and you continue to optimize wordpress website to make sure it is always working fine.

You can also hire Software Company to do this job. Since web design companies work regularly on these things you can save you lot of time and resources.

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