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Employees are the backbone of any organization. But in the opposite case, incorrect recruits can make your business fail. If you are running a business, you need people for managing different roles in business. Starting from hiring sales executives to recruiting software developers, you need to create a job description. This does not mean all the details for all the jobs are the same. For example: sales executive job description is different from software developer job description. But more or less the format remains the same. Therefore, you can use this template for all the jobs. In short a JD is among the first steps of the hiring process. In this article you will read about some important points you must consider while making a job description template.

How to create a job description

First of all, make sure that you have all the information available related to the job. This is important because an incorrect piece of information may lead to wrong hiring. Then follow the standard job description template and fill in the information.

Job Title

This is the first piece of information that you should write as part of your job description. A job title is also the first thing a user checks before anything.

Job Summary (brief)

Job summary has basic information about the job and some details about your company. When you create a job description, keep this section to describe the job in short summary format.


Education is the most important part of creating a job description. This helps us find well educated candidates for a vacancy. Education requirements change with every profile. For example, when you are hiring sales executives, you can put graduation as the main requirement. In other case, when hiring software developers then the education will be technical like a Masters in Computer Application. When hiring field executives, the requirements will be completely different. So choose your education based on profile requirements.

Required Skills

When you create a job description skills are the most important. For example, you are recruiting a sales executive. The candidate has poor communication skills, then the best thing is, do not hire. In the case of freshers you can provide communication skills training and make candidates work. But employee training has a cost involved. Therefore, be careful about skills you need for a job. This may change the fortune of the business upside down.

Candidate Profile

You can also use a candidate profile for experienced people. An existing candidate profile is really helpful in getting the right skill. For example you can write about experience in a specific department or line of business.


Salary is also one of the most important parameters when you create a job description. Above all, salary is also among the top reasons for employee resignations. If you can pay a good salary, mention it in the job description itself. This will attract more candidates for the job. Additionally make sure you learn the diplomatic language of writing a job description. This will help you negotiate terms better at the time of hiring.

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