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An average earning member of the family spends the maximum part of his or her life doing a job. As soon as we complete education the next goal is to find a job and make a good career. Some people think about starting a new business and creating employment opportunities for others. Employee resignations are an integral part of the employment process. They are as real as finding a job. The reasons for employee resignations differ from person to person. People come up with many reasons for resignation from a job but many of them are common. In this article we will try and understand these top reasons for resigning from a job. Additionally, when you want to quit the job you should also know the reason for resignation to tell your boss. Check which one suits you better.

1 – I want to change my boss

There is a famous saying – “People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses”. Therefore, this is one of the primary reasons to quit the job for many people. Every employee when joining the organization thinks about staying longer. Nobody wants to change jobs very often. The working conditions and the behavior of superiors is among big reasons for employee resignations. When employees start feeling uncomfortable they start thinking about changing the boss. The best thing about doing a corporate job is that you can change your boss. Your employee will not mention this reason for sure but keep a close eye on what the employees think about you.

2 – Health Issues or Illness

Many people leave their jobs due to an unexpected health issue. Here we cannot say they leave by choice. In most cases they are forced to leave their jobs. Sometimes by poor health or sometimes organizations push them to resign. Businesses always work to increase profit and make money. Therefore, the top bosses only understand numbers. In this case companies play double standards. On the out shell there is promotion on being employee friendly and the inner shell thinks differently. They create an environment for employees to leave the organization in case of health issues. In case of good organizations they are ready to compensate instead of keeping the employee.

But this does not mean every organization is like that. Many employees find themselves in a state where working is not possible. And poor health becomes their first reason for resignation.

3 – Starting a business is among the top Reasons for Employee Resignations

Everyone wants to be your own boss and work limitlessly. When we say limitless people believe starting a business gives you power to decide. Partially it is true and there are success stories also. As an employee people read these stories and get business motivation. If a business becomes successful there is no looking back. There are many money making techniques you can explore. Additionally, business also provides great learning opportunities. Therefore, many people find it an attractive reason to quit the job.

4 – Poor Performance

Employees are the backbone of any organization. Therefore, every company wants the best performing employees. To achieve this goal they track employee performance with the help of an employee scorecard. Making an employee scorecard is an answer to many performance related questions. From this scorecard companies get an exact picture of who is performing better. They also find out who is not performing or the grades are lower. This does not mean that the employee will be terminated. Companies do give time to improve employee performance. If this does not happen, it is among the top reasons for employee resignations. Instead of termination companies ask to leave. This also does not hurt the career of the employee. Now he or she can learn some more skills and look for another job.

5 – Difficult Work Environment and Working Hours

Working environment is one of the top parameters for employee retention. If the work environment and the work schedule is convenient, employees will stay longer. Therefore, companies spend a lot of money and resources in making the workplace better. Using ergonomic furniture to make employee friendly policies is part of it. But unfortunately very few companies adopt these principles. For most of the corporate world employees are money making machines. Therefore this also works as top reasons for employee resignations.

6 – Continuous Hiring for some profiles

One of the most common reasons to quit the job is regular recruitment on certain profiles. Marketing is a good example. You will always find companies hiring sales executives. These people are always in demand. Therefore, sales executives keep switching jobs from one company to another. Some top performers do stay with the companies but only when the company pays high salary and other benefits.

7 – Higher Education is also among top Reasons for Resignation

There are always employees who think big. Normally they do not need a big reason for resignation from the job. They keep on upskilling them for better opportunities. In this process they also opt for a regular course or a college degree. Due to this it is important to leave the current job for some time. But this is not the end of the job story. Many companies prefer to hire from campus. Fresh graduates with prior work experience are always in demand. Therefore as soon as they complete the degree job will be waiting for them. If someone gets the opportunities this can fit among the best reasons for employee resignations.

8 – Change of Career – Not very common Reasons for Employee Resignations but exist

Many people make a career change. This is normally due to opportunities or health issues. For example you are working in an organization and preparing for a competitive exam in the government sector. If you clear the selection process then you have valid reason to quit the job and start over again. This may change the career completely but becomes fruitful in business.

On the other hand, health issues also motivate people to change careers. For example, you are into a field job that requires a lot of travel. You have to eat outside on a regular basis which may hurt your health. Many doctors advise eating only home made food. This is the primary reason for resignation from a job. Many people start feeling homesick on travel jobs. Therefore, the best thing is to change careers that offer a desk job.

9 – Work From Home Jobs – Reason for Resignation

There are many companies now offering work from home job opportunities. Spending time with the family while earning bread and butter seems like a good deal. Therefore many people want to work from home. Due to this many companies are providing work from home opportunities. Are you also looking for one? Well there are many. You only need a laptop or desktop with an internet connection. Depending on your skill set you can find a job easily.

10 – Salary Issues in current job

Salary issues in the current job is also among big reasons for employee resignations. This normally happens in startups. Most new businesses face a cash crunch due to many reasons. Due to this employees face the heat due to salary delay. This increases dissatisfaction among employees and as a result they switch jobs.

There can also be more reasons for employee resignations. Share your suggestions so we can add more reasons for resignation from a job. If any of these fits well, especially starting your own business then you can get a lot of information here. Check out the business and recruitment categories for more details.

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