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Hiring the right kind of talent is always challenging. Above all there is always a possibility of hiring the wrong person. If you are an HR executive then you have great responsibilities and expectations. Out of the entire work profile of HR, employee verification is most important. Therefore, you should know the trick to check a fake experience certificate before hiring. In this article, you will read about employee verification methods to ensure you hire the right candidates. In addition we have some bonus information at the end to answer most of your questions.

Why employee verification is important

Before we dive deep into the topic let us understand the reason we are reading this. There are two critical conditions that employers deal with.

Employee Skills

Irrespective of how good the interview or the written score, HR can hire the wrong candidate. This happens due to fake certificates presented by the candidates. Due to this, the employee will not perform in a real time work environment. This is directly related to performance and causes production loss. If you are running a business and hiring on your own, this may result in financial loss. There is no doubt that you can improve employee performance but only when resources allow. Therefore, you must verify the experience certificate of the employee from the previous company.

Legal Status

If your employee is involved in some illegal activity, it is a threat to your company also. There is no reason an employee will speak about his or her illegal activities. Due to this many companies go for police verification as well. But in most cases, we can check the status with previous companies. For example: We find that the employee has performed well in previous 2-3 companies. We can expect at least similar performance here as well. You can ask about employee behavior and other things. All this is possible by a simple check on a fake experience certificate.

How to check fake experience certificate

You can follow a simple verification process in the beginning. Later when you are comfortable, you can improve the process of verifying an employee. You can also use these techniques.

Verify the company

This should be the first step of the process. Do it before you verify an employee. It is also possible that a company does not exist. In this case, you do not need to verify the employee.

Employees showing fake experience certificates also make fake companies. Often the companies do not exist. Therefore, you should start with scanning the government database for company verification. If you do not get enough information you check WhoIs data as part of your company verification process. Once you are sure, now move forward with the employee verification process.

Sending a verification email to previous Employer

If the company exists, send an email to the company. You can also use an employee verification form. Send this form to the previous company and ask them to verify the details. This is a standard practice across the companies to verify an employee. You can also ask questions about the reason for leaving and possibility to rehire the candidate.

Changing a Value to Verify Experience Certificate

If the candidate has presented a fake experience letter you can try this. You can simply change one or two values from the document. For example, mention an incorrect date. If the company is real, they will tell you about the correct date mentioned in the document. They already have an employee database available. Therefore, it is easy for them to check and verify the same.

Interrogation is a good way to Check Fake Experience Certificate

If you have any doubt, you can start collecting details. First you analyze the details on your own and then cross question the employee. If the details are forged, employees would make one or more mistakes. This can also work as evidence to terminate the employee.

Knowledge Check

The ultimate goal is to ensure we are hiring the right candidate. Therefore, you must consider taking a knowledge test or machine test. If the candidate scores good marks at least you will be clear that he or she is capable of doing the job.

Bonus Information

You may have many questions in mind and here we try to answer some of them.

How to check if the company exists or not?

You can easily get this information in any country’s government database. In most democracies these databases are available in public domain. Therefore you can just search this information using the internet. There is a systematic process of verifying a company in a government database. You can at least check if the company is fake or real.

How do companies verify experience certificates?

There is a systematic process to verify an experience certificate. Companies send verification letters to the previous companies and stop wrong hiring.

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