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What comes to your mind when you hear a field executive. Most of us will relate this with sales executives quickly. Some will start thinking about delivery boys. Hold on the horses and let us understand this from the basics.

Field Executives are one of the most critical parts of any Supply Chain Network.

In this article we will understand a field executive job from various angles. Starting from the definition of field executive to the salary of a field executive, we try to touch on all important aspects. This is important for all the stakeholders. For example, you are looking for a job in sales. This is one of the easiest jobs available in the market. On the other hand, if you start a business then this is one of the toughest profiles to manage due to risks involved.

Let us start with the Basics of a Field Executive Job

As mentioned above, a field executive is an integral part of the support chain network or a delivery system. From food delivery networks to an ecommerce store, they bring delivery products at customers’ doorstep. Most delivery networks completely depend on them to ensure timely delivery of goods to the end customer. Companies also use them as a marketing tool to increase customer satisfaction via timely deliveries. Due to this, you will find them busy most of the time. There are targets and there are incentives for field executives. Salary of a delivery person is not too much but the commissions make up for it. If you are looking for a field executive job, read this article for better understanding.

Field Executive Job from an Employers Point of View

Before we dive deep into the details, you need to understand that this job is not limited to one single role. Starting from a Pizza delivery boy job, courier delivery job and collection agent job, everyone is a field executive. Every profile of a field executive has its own set of challenges. For example: you are running a small business of making food. You need people to deliver food to clients. In most cases you will have a limited budget and less resources. Making profit in business is also important to survive. You cannot just buy 10-20 bikes, hire executives and start delivery. You may like to go slow. Then there is the risk of a road accident.

Due to this you need to be ready about all these odd circumstances. You need to make company policy about field executives. There is also an option of outsourcing the business. Here we are specifically talking about profile outsourcing. There are many advantages of outsourcing. So in a nutshell there are a lot of issues to be addressed. Therefore, we will be more focused on the job itself. So in a nutshell there are a lot of issues to be addressed. Due to this, we will be more focused on the job itself.

What is the meaning of field executive? Who is a field executive?

Going by the meaning of field executive he or she is a person who is available on the ground to deliver products or services of a company. From here onwards we start defining roles. We can also differentiate them with profile names. For example: a person delivering courier services is a courier boy. If you are dealing with pizza then people call him pizza delivery boy.

There is no job without a Target

Yes, you read it right. Everyone has a goal at their jobs. This is normally linked with the profile we are working on. Therefore, you can also associate with their job. Similarly a field sales executive also has a weekly or monthly target. Sometimes payout is also linked with the team targets. In this case incentive comes when the team achieves.

Key Profiles in Field Executive

Every company creates their own profiles. Due to this it is very tough to standardize anything. Still there are roles we can talk about. Check out the list below before we dive deep into the details of each one of these. Do not keep me in your gender biased list when I mention courier delivery boys or similar. There are many female employees also in these jobs but most of them are men so I am using the famous jargon. These are some of the most common profiles.

  • Field Sales Executive
  • Collection Agent
  • Courier Delivery Boy
  • Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Milk Delivery Executive
  • Credit Card Sales Executive
  • Real Estate Agent

Let’s understand them one by one in little more detail.

Field Sales Executive

In most cases these people are sales executives or business developers. The name depends on what their company calls them but the job is the same. These people meet new clients, convince potential customers to buy their products or service. These field executives contribute towards most part of a company’s revenue. There is no specific skill needed other than good communication skills. With little training and experience companies expect Field Sales Executive to perform or find another job. The targets are tough and the deadlines are also tight. Salary of sales executives is highest among all executive bands at this level. This is also due to the incentive structure.

Collection Agents

Some sales executives are also collection agents. But this is limited to small companies. All big companies and corporations hire collection agents as a dedicated role. Their salary is less as compared to field sales executives but they also have a target.

Courier Delivery Boy

This is one profile everyone can relate with. Whether we understand business or not, most of us use an ecommerce website to place online orders. The name of the website does not matter but for sure we know some delivery boy will come with the order. These people work under tough circumstances to make sure we get our deliveries on time. We have seen them getting wet in the rain. We have also seen them running towards the address to meet timelines and a lot more. Field executive work is not easy and you need great physical strength also to do this job.

Pizza Delivery Boy

Some companies make fast delivery commitments or an assured refund. They claim because they have full faith in employees. Companies know their field executives or pizza delivery boys will deliver on time. This process not only increases customer satisfaction but also gains respect for field executives. You can give an extra thanks with the next order.

Milk Delivery Executive

Milk is an essential commodity but do you know how it reaches you? There is a whole supply chain and 1000’t of people are working day and night to produce it. It all starts with the milk extraction process from cows or buffalo. There are people who send us to the milk plant. The milk gets processed at the milk plant. After this the milk goes for packaging and later it reaches the field executives. These people transport the milk to its destination. Normally it is the nearby shop of your house. Then another field executive pics it from the shop or warehouse (depends on the location) and delivers it to your doorstep.

Credit Card Sales Executive

Many people simply do not like credit card sales executives. This is due to their nature of continuously following you and pushing to get a new credit card. But there is a target to achieve. They also have a family to feed. Therefore, next time be gentle with them. I am saying this because most people anyways say no to them. More than 90 percent of the time people ignore them. But they still somehow achieve the monthly target of selling credit cards. These are among some of the rigid field executives who overcome fear of listening “No” from customers.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate companies also hire field executives. These people take customers on the site for the site tour. The same person also explains pricing and other minute details about the project. Normally these people are multitaskers. Companies are very selective when hiring sales executives in real estate. In many cases they also do not get a fixed salary. Selling a flat or a house is not easy at all. Sometimes real estate agents are unable to sell for months. During this time they only get a limited salary from the company. The payout is directly linked with the sale. Companies make this clear before sending a job application confirmation email.

Therefore, it is a high risk sales executive job to do. Imagine convincing a customer to spend his or her lifelong savings at one place. Buying a house is a similar decision.

What is the salary of a Field Executive?

Field executive salary depends on the work they do. Additionally, the salary of field executives is different in every industry. For example: the salary of a sales executive is different from the salary of a collection agent. Salary of a pizza delivery boy is different from the salary of a SIM card delivery staff. Therefore we cannot keep them all in the same salary bracket. Additionally, it also depends on the country. For example: the salary of field executives in India starts with 12,000. On the other hand the salary of a sales executive in the US starts with $3500.

What is the minimum salary of a sales executive?

There is no minimum or fixed income of field executives because they are not limited to one industry. Additionally, it also depends on the country and federal laws. The minimum salary of a sales executive starts at the minimum wages slabs in different countries of the world. And the last factor is types of field executive jobs. There are mainly two types of jobs available. Permanent and contract jobs. A permanent employee is someone who works on company payroll and standard company policies apply. A permanent employee also serves a minimum number of working hours. For example 40 working hours in a week is the same as other employees. Additionally, they also get regular salaries.

On the other hand contract employees may or may not work on fixed salaries. They are connected to the company via some app or a third party. They do not directly work on company payroll. In some cases, field executive income is connected to a time bound contract. Once the contract term ends, they may or may not work with the company.

What is the Qualification of a Sales Executive?

Most companies prefer well educated sales executives. In a normal scenario companies want their sales executives to be at least graduates. A bachelor degree is more than enough in most cases. But some want specific degrees. For example, if the company is selling software products, an IT graduate is a first choice. In case of a credit card selling, an MBA is the preferred choice. To make it simple this whole scenario of education depends on these factors.

Product of the company

You do not need a doctor’s degree for selling washing powder door to door. The product defines the qualification of field sales executive.

Budget of Hiring

Every company has a budget for paying employee salaries. Therefore, if a company has a low budget to pay, they compromise on executive education. Instead they focus more on product training and practical experience.

Target Market

Target market plays an important role in hiring an employee. This is also a key deciding factor of the education of an executive. If the company is operating in an urban area they look for more educated people. In the case of selling products in villages, they can also hire less educated people.

Is Sales a Good Career to Start?

Good or bad depends on the interest of the individual and working conditions. Sales as a career has many aspects to deal with. This is also one of the highest paid careers because sales executives bring revenue to the company. Commissions on sales are more than salary in many cases. If you can do sales, nothing is better than being a sales executive. Remember, when it comes to field executive jobs, sales executives have the toughest target and biggest commission payout. So life is not easy in any case. You need to struggle a lot in the early phase of your career to make it big.

How to get field executive work?

The definition of field executive works has broad meaning. To some it is related to sales executives for field jobs and for some it is pizza delivery job offer. You can apply in your desired profile to get field executive work. For example, if you want to do a courier delivery job then the list of companies is different. And in case of food delivery work, the companies will be different. Getting a job as field executive is not difficult. This is due to high competition in sales. Most companies hire sales executives on target bases. For example, if you are working as a food delivery the target will be deliveries per day.

How much does a Zomato delivery boy earn?

Before we jump into the salary of a Zomato delivery boy let us understand the company first. Zomato is an India based company that delivers food at your doorstep. Zomato calls their field executives as delivery partners. As per one of the estimates, the total employees of Zomato working as delivery partners are more than 300,000. Every calculation including salary happens using a software application. In most cases there is no fixed salary. They get a monthly target and get a salary according to performance. Zomato gives per delivery cost depending on performance. This ranges from Rs 20 to 25 per order as initial salary. The high performing employees get up to Rs. 40 per order. Due to this they have to work a lot to make sure they are able to earn enough money for meeting expenses.

Hope you now understand how important the role of field sales executive. Next time someone makes fun of a sales job or underestimates the field executive work. Share this article with your friends for better understanding.

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