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Happiness is a small word but only a handful of people actually enjoy it in reality. Rest all are either in search of it or want to retain things that keep them happy. Above all, the meaning of happiness is different for everyone. Therefore, we will not try to look at the broader picture by generalizing things. In this article we will talk about how to keep customers happy or at least increase customer satisfaction. This will also increase customer happiness. Ultimately we will be able to increase customer retention which may help us increase customer base.

Why Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increasing customer happiness or to increase customer satisfaction is important. Because, when you are running a business, your existing costumes matter a lot. Many people want to hear from them about how they feel about the product. One negative review is enough to dent the company image. Companies spend millions of dollars for just one thing – “Increasing Customer Base”. The cost of social media marketing is also very expensive due to competition. What if there are negative reviews or the existing customers start complaining about the product. It will all come to market and start spreading negative publicity. As a result it will dent revenues. Due to this, companies must make sure that their customers are happy. This is important for attracting new customers.

How to Increase Customer Happiness?

Keeping a customer happy is not an easy task. However, you can take simple steps to achieve the goal. In addition, you keep working on increasing the customer base. This way you will have more feedback on how to improve customer satisfaction. In addition if you want to increase sales in business these steps will help.

1 – Give what the Customer Wants

First of all, when you are running a marketing campaign, you make a lot of promises. Sometimes, sales executives over commit to lock the deal. But, at the time of delivery or after that they fail to deliver. This is where the problem starts. Think about any personal experience. Everyone wants the best value for money. Due to this, delivering the promises should be among top priorities. For example: you sell digital products online. You advertise on Google to sell products in the international market. First of all, your potential customers will check company reviews from existing customers. If you have a history of poor delivery, they will contact competitor companies. This is absolutely normal. Therefore, you should give what the customer wants. It is the primary key to increase customer satisfaction.

2 – Offer Money back Guarantee

Everyone wants their money in safe hands and customers are no different. For any company and for any product on earth customers want a safe bet. Due to this many companies offer money back guarantee to increase sales. If it is a trusted brand and a history of happy customers, products sell. Apart from the sales part, customers feel secure. As a result, you see a rise in customer satisfaction levels. Many companies use this as a method to increase customer happiness.

3 – After Sales Service is important to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Most of us focus on how to increase sales and not after sales service. Due to this, customers feel neglected and they switch companies offering similar products. They forget that happy customers bring more business. Due to this, you must make sure that your after sales service is good. You must take measures to improvise the after sales service on a regular basis. You can easily increase customer satisfaction by giving some extra features and solving their queries on priority.

4 – Existing Customers are Important

One of the best marketing strategies for a start up is to keep existing customers happy. Market is very competitive. Due to this, you must improve your products continuously. In addition, most people these days look for reviews before buying a product. If they find positive reviews about a product there are better chances of sale.

Happy Customers Ensure Company keeps Growing

Always remember, if your customers are happy, they will always recommend the brand to friends and family. In addition, there are repeat orders from existing customers. Nobody likes to change the brand if there are no issues. Many companies only focus on new customers and offer them great value. This results in dissatisfaction among existing customers and they switch to competitors. The competitor will treat them well because in their case they are new lead conversions.

The cost of acquiring new customers is more than increasing customer satisfaction. Give them additional benefits and let them feel special and they will keep the cash registers ringing. There are times when you struggle with numbers, happy customers sail the boat for you.

5 – Start a Blog to Improve Customer Experience

In the internet age, almost every business has a website. You can start a blog to solve customer queries. You can start with frequently asked questions and move towards the detailed versions. If you are selling physical products, business blogging will help to improve sales performance in business. If you do not want to do it on your own, hire a software company to create a blog. You can share business posts on social media and keep customers updated about new launches. Not only this you can also inform about your new marketing campaigns. If you increase customer happiness, your chances of growth will also increase.

What is customer retention?

When a customer wants to leave you and you offer something to ensure to change his mind. If the customer accepts the offer then consider the customer as retained. Many companies have customer retention departments. If you work to increase customer happiness, they won’t leave you. Therefore, you will save resources involved in customer retention.

What is a customer referral program?

At first, it may not look like a way to increase customer happiness. But think about human nature and who does not want some extra benefits? There are situations where companies ask existing customers to give referrals. In other words they ask them to recommend the brand to friends, family or anyone they know. On successful conversion, the company pays cash reward and some other benefits. These rewards may or may not be linked with cash. The strategic name for this entire thing is customer referral program. When your customers start referring more customers your business grows.

How to make a customer referral program successful?

First of all, you need to make sure that your customers are happy with your products and services. It is possible if the company takes measures to increase customer satisfaction. Now the next step is to keep an attractive reward. You can estimate the cost of a customer referral program easily. For example: you start a marketing campaign or a Google Ads campaign. It works on a pay per click model. Many companies use this as one of their primary ways to promote a brand. There is a cost per customer acquisition for Google Ads. You can offer the same to your customer as well. In addition, the chances of successful conversion using customer referrals are also more than Google Ads. Therefore, you should definitely think about making a strategy for customer referrals. This will also increase customer satisfaction level in the long run.

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