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If you are in business then it is mandatory to have sales. This is because sales is important for the survival of any business. When you hire sales executives you make sure that the best people join your organization. The job description of a sales executive itself talks about targets to be achieved. Therefore it is important to buy sales software that works best for the organization.

Which is the best sales software in market

The definition of good or best sales software is complex because it is dependent on many factors. Due to this, no software can claim to be the best sales software. For example, software for field sales cannot work as the best software for call centers. As a result different organizations use different software applications for managing sales. In this article we will talk about some of the best sales software applications.

How to find the Best Software for Sales Team

First of all, you need to understand your needs before searching for options. For example: A sales software for outbound sales will be different from the field executive sales software. However, all of them come with similar names. As a result it is possible to make mistakes. You can simply look into the feature list and their description to get the answer.


Leadsquared has a set of products to manage leads, field sales executives and customers. You can buy a solution that you need. It has a builtin dialer, you can communicate with potential customers via email, WhatsApp or SMS. The mobile version allows clients to use it on the phone. Along with that, you can also set role based permissions and generate reports.


Unolo is mainly a field sales executive management software application. It is an internet based software application that also allows companies to track the location of their employees. You can use geo-tagging for uploading the photos and mark attendance using the same application.


Emplus also has a global presence with a broad customer base. It is a complete company management software application that you can use. This one includes HRIS/ HRMS linked features. The software comes with a long list of reports along with standard features. If you are a large corporation it is good but if you are running a small business it may be complex.


When it is about finding the best software for sales team then you must consider the need first. Therefore, it must solve one or more sales related problems. iSales also claims to solve sales related problems. This is a sales team management software from Softrock Technologies. If you have a small team with 2 to 100 sales executives, this works fine.

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