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Who does not know about social media and it power to influence people? If you are running a business or thinking about starting a business then this article is for you. For example: Facebook ads are a great way to connect with people. But the cost of social media marketing depends on your expected results. Additionally, social media also uses many ways to influence people to buy products and services. There are many traditional ways of marketing you can use today but they are expensive. Marketing is a costly affair. You need a lot of money to promote a product using traditional methods. This is where digital marketing comes in picture. But make a note that the scope of digital marketing is not limited to social media companies. If you are searching about how to promote a business online social media marketing is the answer. When you use social media advertising, you can connect with the right customer.

The story does not end with just launching a social media campaign. There are many reasons you should stay away for social media marketing. In this article we will understand some important points of the story.

Cost of Social Media Marketing

Let us first of all discuss the social media ads cost. The cost of social media marketing depends on your budget. In other words, you can start advertising with low budget and increase marketing cost depending on progress. Additionally, it also depends finding the best social media platform for your business. For example, advertising cost on Facebook starts with as low as $10. However, you cannot expect great results with such a low budget. Facebook does not stop you from running a low budget marketing campaign. When you spend $100 you can at least get some views on your Facebook page.

Social Media ads Cost does not Guarantee Conversion

Any marketing campaign is useless if it does not bring conversions. It is the same story with social media marketing also. A Facebook ads campaign can get you clicks but does not guarantee conversions. In many case, social media ads cost makes you fool. They charge a lot of money in the name of paid social advertising. Additionally, many times you do not recover the cost of marketing. Due to this many companies lose lot of money for paid social ads.

Understand the concept of Paid Social Ads

All digital marketing campaign depend on paid social ads. Most of them are prepaid due to this you need to make payment in advance. Unlike traditional marketing strategies where you pay some token money to the company and ask them to bring results. In this case you can create a contract. You can mention your terms and conditions. If the campaign becomes successful it is a Win-Win situation.

When you promote business on linked in or any other social media the social media ads cost keep rising. The more you spend, more visitors come to your website. Remember while doing business, we are not working to bring more traffic on website. We want to make money in business that only comes through conversions or when the customers make a purchase.

Difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Advertising on Google is also a one of the great ways of promoting a product online. But it is different from Facebook Ads in many ways. There are three basic differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

First of all, Google is a search engine and Facebook is a social media platform.

People use Google to search anything that comes to their mind. On the other hand, people use Facebook to connect with their friends.

Facebook recommends you posts depending on your interest, profile and recent posts that you shared on your Facebook page. Google shows advertisements depending on your search query.

You can read more details in our Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads comparison article.

Cost of social media Marketing also depends on your demographic location

Social media is not available across the globe. Due to this you can promote business online irrespective of country. You can easily sell products in international markets. Especially in case of digital products it is very easy to sell digital products internationally. For example, your business is based in India. You create an eBook and want to sell in the US market. It is possible if you make a small business website to sell internationally. You can run Facebook Ads campaign in the USA and get US traffic on the website. As a result, chances of making a sale increase.

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