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Recruitment means hiring an employee to do a job. Hiring is one of the most crucial parts of any business. Especially when you are Hiring Employees for a startup. Be careful irrespective of whether you may be hiring a temporary employee or recruiting permanent staff. You also need to understand the difference between a permanent employee and temporary employee. Many people hire freelancers on temporary bases. In this case they only pay one time cost for a job. In other cases, companies hire permanent employees to do the job. This is also the most common recruitment practice. In this type of employment they get a fixed salary every month. Additionally, there are also other benefits like house rent allowance etc.

Important factors that influence the hiring process

There are many important factors that influence the hiring process. Some of them are here.

  • Business Interest
  • Department Specific Need
  • Need to Hire Experienced Staff
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Technology

Keep Business Interest on Top Priority

First of all as an HR you need to understand that all the companies want to make profit in business. Therefore, you should hire employees to perform. If you are hiring employees for a startup the responsibility is bigger.

Hiring Employees is related to requirement

There are many profiles in a company. We can divide them into departments. Take the marketing department as an example. The common profiles are sales executive, sales manager, key account manager and digital marketing executive. All departments are important to run a company. The whole business may suffer if one arm fails in hiring the right people. Be careful whether you are hiring a sales executive or a software developer.

Hire Experienced Employees for Growth

Make experience as a primary criteria for hiring employees. This is because the hiring process is very crucial for any business to survive. If you hire experienced employees then they can take the company on a new horizon. Inappropriate employees (wrong recruits) can also cause business failure. This happens with many startups and becomes one of the reasons for business failure. Business survival depends on the employees.

If you hire experienced staff you can save training time. This does not mean we are against hiring freshers. The suggestion is for hiring in startups. In big companies, we can hire freshers also. There are many benefits of hiring freshers and one of them is cost benefit. As a business owner or an HR executive, you need to make sure the process is right.

Outsourcing Services

You can use outsourcing services to ease out some work load. For example, you can contact a third party recruiting agency. The agency can send you a candidate and you will save a lot of time involved in shortlisting candidates. You can also completely outsource your hiring employees requirement. There are recruitment agencies who love to send you candidates at a very low price. You only need to understand the outsourcing facts before making a decision.

Technology is important in Hiring Employees

This is an important tool in hiring employees. You need to be technically sound to know how to hire employees online. The whole world is on the internet including your potential employees. If you do not use technology, your recruitment process will also be slow. Use leading job portals to create vacancies online. You can also take an online test using some online exam software. Additionally, you can also hire a software company to make software applications of your choice.

Hiring is the main responsibility of the human resource department. The process also has many steps. Therefore, you need to be careful in each step. This includes things like shortlisting candidates, creating job descriptions and conducting interviews. Read everything on infobutter.com in full details.

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