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Employees switch organizations and it is normal. Accept the fact if you are running a business and plan for these instances. Employee exit process is part of the employee exit policy. The process starts as soon as an employee resigns from a company. Every company needs it because they want to ensure not hiring the wrong person. This is not only for the present company but also helps future organizations for an employee. The situation becomes more complex when we are hiring managers and above. One wrong person is enough to destroy the company. Due to this, the employee exit process is important. You can also call this employee separation process. This also helps us maintain useful data. For example, in case of a rehire of an old employee we can check if previous exit formalities were smooth or not. It comes into picture as soon as an employee resignation process starts. In this article we will understand the topics and try to answer some important questions. The idea is to ensure we understand what is employee exit clearance, exit form and what all is part of employee exit formalities.

What all comes under Employee Exit Process

Here is a list of business documents and templates we need to complete employee exit formalities. Each one of them is important and contributes to smoothen up the Employee Exit Process.

  • Employee Exit Form
  • Acceptance of Employee Exit Policy
  • Exit Checklist
  • Clearance Form Submission
  • Clearance Email or No Dues Certificate from Employer
  • Exit Interview and Feedback
  • Relieving Letter cum Experience Certificate

Employee exit form

This is a document that an employee submits along with resignations. Some companies do not prefer the standard resignation format. They ask employees to fill an employee exit form as part of the first step of the employee exit process. Normally this is an online form (sometimes, also part of an HR software). There are different categories under which an employee can resign.

These types of forms help companies to collect meaningful attrition data. After some data analysis information companies make various reports. For example, you want to find the most common reason for employee resignation. You can find it with data analysis on employee resignations in a specific year.

Acceptance of Employee Exit Policy

All the employees must accept the employee exit policy. This policy contains many important terms that apply after an employee leaves. Most of these terms include data protection and leakages of client related information. Companies provide access to critical information and data to employees. Therefore, when an employee resigns they want this critical data to remain secure. Additionally, in some cases companies also add legal aspects in these terms. You can check our employee exit policy sample for reference.

Employee Clearance Form

Normally this is like a self declaration by an employee. Sometimes it is a requirement from the government as part of the employee exit process. There are standard employee exit clearance form templates available. They just need to sign the declaration that he or she has received all the dues from the company and there is nothing pending.

Exit Checklist for Employees

Normally, this checklist helps HR more than employees. Due to this the document resembles a TO DO LIST. Employees just tick all the checkboxes and submit the document or paper. This is a small document but plays an important role in the employee exit process.

Employee Exit Interview and Feedback

In some companies exit interviews also work as a great tool to understand basics. An ex employee normally gives correct feedback. This is the last step before an employee leaves the company. Therefore HR can ask questions like “what they like about the company”. They can also ask “what they do not like about the company”. This part of the employee exit process shows the company mirror. From here a company can take a lot of feedback to implement policies that improve employee happiness quotients.

Employee exit clearance email

This is like a no dues certificate. In an employee exit email clearance email template we mention that there is nothing pending on the employee. Sometimes the new employer also demands a clearance email from the previous employer.

Relieving Letter cum Experience Certificate completes the Employee Separation Process

This is the last step in an employee exit process or separation process. When your ex employee joins a new organization this is among the first documents required for joining a company. An employee work experience certificate also contains information about the last profile. Some companies also mention the last drawn salary in the same document. You can also check basic experience letter sample on our website and make changes.

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