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Experience certificate or experience letter is linked with the employment term. Some people also use a term employee service letter for this document. This is one of the documents for human resource executives that you create after employee resignation. There are many reasons for employee resignation or employee exit. Some want to start a business and some switch jobs for growth. Therefore we will stay focused on creating an experience letter. As soon as an employee decides to leave the company HR completes the exit formalities. It takes time to do full and final settlement due to involvement of financials. HR executives can also make an experience certificate for the employee before Full & Final. Some companies also mentioned this as a relieving letter or service certificate. This is an important document for joining a new employer. This document also works as Proof of Employment. Therefore it is an important document for new employers also.

Proof of Employment

There are two important documents that an employer wants from an employee. This is required to make sure they are following the correct recruitment process. The first document is an appointment letter. This is the first document an employee receives. Sometimes companies give it before completion of the employee verification process.

The second document is the experience certificate. This document clearly defines the employment term.

In case of both these documents are unavailable due to some reason. Employers use salary slips as reference documents before recruiting an employee. Salary slip or income statement generally has the date of joining. Therefore, employers can check the details before confirming an employee.

Be careful about the fake work experience certificate. Therefore, do a background verification check before an employee joins you.

How to make an experience certificate?

The format of experience letters may change with companies but the basic idea remains the same. For example if you want to create an experience letter format for a software company. The profiles will be different from a manufacturing unit. But there are some common things. Sections like joining date and exit dates are part of every experience letter. There are always company details. Employee Profile details are also part of this document. Therefore we can create a template for an experience letter that works in all organizations.

Template for work experience letter

This is an important document. Therefore you should be careful when making the draft of an experience letter. You can use this experience letter sample for employees and simply remove anything that does not fit well. You can also add or edit things to make this experience letter format more meaningful.

Experience Certificate (Keep it bold)

Dated: June 02, 2020

Dear John,

This is to certify that Mr. John Watson, S/O Mr. J. W. Watson has worked with our organization.

As per our records he has served between November 10, 2019 and May 30, 2020.

During his tenure with the organization, he behaved in an honest and professional manner. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

On behalf of ABC USA LLC.

Authorized Signatory
Smitha K. Williams

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