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Everyone in this world is looking for growth opportunities. No matter how much you have, there is always scope of improvement. Reasons for a rejection of a resignation letter coexist with new job offers. Therefore, you must understand the company policies and be careful before signing a contract. Employees have their reasons for resignation but the resignation process depends on the company’s exit policy. Not only for the employee but this is also important for the employer. If you are running a business, make a policy that benefits your company. In this article we will understand how an employer can refuse to accept the resignation of an employee. We will also try to understand this from an employer angle.

Rejection of resignation letter

There is absolutely no doubt about an employee’s right to resignation. No company can force an employee to work against their wish. Additionally, there are laws to protect employee rights. Especially in countries like the USA employee rights are protected. Even in the case of developing countries like India also there are labor laws to protect employee rights. Therefore, at first sight this rejection of the resignation letter looks impossible. But there are many ways to look at the situation. Let us understand them one by one.

Why and how can employer refuse to accept resignation

Here is a list of reasons why companies reject the resignation of an employee.

Employment Contracts

First of all an employment contract plays a key role. An employment contract not only protects employee rights but also employer rights. It is possible that you resign from an organization and the employee exit policy does not allow it. It is due to the contract terms. If the recruitment is time bound and you try to resign before the term ends, companies refuse resignation.

Invalid reason can cause rejection of resignation letter

A valid reason is important to justify your decision. Therefore, do not mention wrong reasons to resign from a company. For example: you are in an employment contract for two years. You get a better job offer but the contract is the hindrance. You are planning to join a competitor and mention medical reasons for resignation. This may get you in legal trouble. First of all this will work as a reason for rejection of resignation letter and then legal action. If your company discovers the reality first of all there is a rejection letter and then legal hassle. It is always better to follow the rules and follow company policy. As an employer you should also take care of these things. If the employees are happy, they will not give fake reasons and the employee performance will also improve.

Running Project – Reason for rejection of resignation letter

This is a very common scenario in IT companies. Software developer jobs expect employees to deliver the project on time. There is a lot of pressure on companies to achieve high quality levels and ensure timely delivery. There are mutual dependencies. In the case of a small company this becomes more critical. In addition there is cost involved in hiring new resources. It is as important as hiring a sales executive. Due to this most companies do not want their employees to leave. As a result they make contracts and sometimes look for reasons for rejecting the resignation letter.

Lack of resources cause Rejection of Resignation Letter

The severity depends on the project, situation and employee profile. For example: If one or two employees resign from a production line of 1000 employees, it does not matter much. But if you are the only resource in the company, the situation becomes critical. Additionally, it is not easy to hire resources quickly. Due to this, your company will find reasons for rejection of resignation letters. This is also one of the main reasons why employers refuse to accept resignation.

Can I resign before the employment contract term ends?

Yes, you can. As an employee you have the right to work or not to work. But check if there are penalties mentioned in the contract. You may need to pay for your decision. If you can manage it, go ahead.

What are the consequences of breaking an employment contract?

This depends on the kind of contract you have signed. Most small & medium size companies make non judicial contracts. Due to this, it is not easy to challenge them in courts. The question is why company’s do it? This is because creating a judicial contract has a cost. Due to this, companies avoid it. In addition, a very small number of employees break these contracts which is acceptable. Only in rare circumstances do companies take action. But it does not mean you can easily get away with this. You may not get into legal trouble but the company rules apply. The company has full right to hold your experience certificate and other clearances. If you do not respect the rejection of your resignation letter after breaking the contract, the company can blacklist you for re-hiring. Overall it is not good for the career. As a result, breaking a contract is not a good solution. You can also sit with the management and find a solution.

What is the most common reason for rejection of a resignation letter?

Out of all these the most common reason for rejection of a resignation letter is a contract or pending work. If you are part of a critical project and sign a contract. The employer can reject your resignation application.

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