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Before you start looking for code, this article is to know the process of making software. You will get answers for how to create an online education platform. Creating an online education platform is a software developers job but without instructions it is not possible. Therefore, I will share all the details you must know before you contact a software company. I can help you due to my more than a decade of experience. I have been delivering software and discussing client requirements. We will go step by step and understand how to make software for providing online education.

How to Create an Online Education Platform

The question can be answered in one line but there are many important aspects. Any software company can create an online education platform for you. But they will not manage the business for you. When you start the business, the responsibility is also great. Therefore, we will understand this in a systematic way.

There are many options available regarding this system. For example, If you want to teach online, the requirements will be different. In another case, if you want to create a marketplace, the scenario will change completely. Therefore, ask yourself these questions as the first step before making any kind of investment.

How much money do I have for this business?

Out of all the money you have, a small portion will go into software development. You need the rest of the money for marketing the business and managing employees.

Do I have the technical skills for developing the application?

If you are a software developer, you may create an online education platform on your own. If you are not, then you need to hire employees or use outsourcing services.

Do I really need to create my own education platform?

Many people will get confused here. You always do not need to invest money in developing software applications. You can use an existing platform and start teaching online. Creating your own education platform also takes time to establish as a brand.

Have you studied about profit making in the business?

The primary must be to make profit in business for continuous growth. Due to this you must think about the feasibility. Study existing business models and read balance sheets. Most businesses (especially those funded by venture capitalists) do not make profit. In general the profit should be at least 15-20 percent after taxes. If this is the case you should move ahead.

Profit making is just one part of business. There is more to it.

There are some more factors that impact your online education business model.

Reason to start business

I consider this a good business model. Due to which, a lot will depend on your reasons to start business. The cause will also work as a motivation factor to survive for long. For example, if teaching is your passion, then the cost and resources will be less. You can record your own videos to start with.

Money required to start an online education business

Money is the most important thing for business survival. You may have the best business ideas in the world and the best team. Without money, your chances of business failure are high. Therefore, you must look into the finances. Start only when you have enough money. Otherwise there are many other small business ideas that can work for you.

How to manage online education business

There are two important aspects. First of all, if you are running a business, you can do everything in house. This will give you total command on business. But, use this model if you have enough resources to sustain business for a longer period of time. When you start a new business, there is little information about everything. Therefore, this may cost a little more. Additionally, you will also be involved in the hiring process of staff members for the online education business. The smallest of tasks like creating a job description demand understanding of many things. All this is time consuming.

For creating an online education platform the second option is outsourcing. You can use outsourcing services for most things and focus on the business model. These include software development, software support services and lead generation. This way you can save time and money. For example, hiring a sales executive is costlier than using outsourcing services.


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