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If you are a recruiter or an HR executive then this is for you. When you hire employees for a profile then you ask employees to submit documents as per of the recruitment process. Work experience is an important document to cross check employment history. But many employees present fake work experience certificate. Due to this wrong people join the company. This is also a demotivation for the deserving candidates. The process to check fake employment letters also becomes serious when you have limited time to fill the vacancies. Irrespective of this you should know How to Check a Fake Experience Certificate. The problem becomes more complex when people get fake certificates from genuine companies. In this article we will try to understand the topic in more detail and check fake experience letters provider.

What is a fake work experience certificate?

In simple words a fake work experience certificate certifies a job that a candidate never did. Some people gain knowledge about the skills but this does not make the certificate real. The details are forged, from the employment period to the issuing company itself does not exist in the real world. If you are a recruiter or doing an HR executive job, a wrong hiring can ruin your reputation. Therefore, you should know the tricks for checking fake experience letters.

How to spot fake experience letters?

First of all there is no standard technique to check fake certificates in early stages. There are some tricks you can use. For example: most people will present a photocopy or a black & white print out. You can ask them to share the original copy. You can also send an email to the company and confirm the details. This is the easiest possible way of cross checking the details.

Genuine Experience Certificate Providers

Ask yourself this question. You are starting a new business and want some employees. Will you hire an employee who approached an experience letter provider? Experience is something you gain over time. Like other employees, you also work for months and years in a company. Once your job term is over with a company the employer provides an experience certificate so you can show it to the new employer. Experience helps you get the next job.

But the irony is that fake work experience providers genuinely exist in this world. There are many companies that provide professional training or vocational training. But they face challenges in acquiring enough trainees to run the business. Therefore, they promise candidates an experience certificate after completion of training. They often present it as an internship. Due to this offer many candidates join as a trainee and after completion of training.

How many types of Fake Work Experience Certificates are there?

As per my experience there are three types of fake experience letters. Irrespective of fake, some of them you can accept. Therefore, you can make a decision to accept or not depending on your company policy.

First of all there are experience letters people make without any reference. In maximum cases these companies and employees do not exist on paper. That means people edit an experience letter of some other employee and put their name. Accepting this forged document is simply a mistake in hiring a sales executive.

The next type of experience letter is the one that people buy from an existing company. These exist on paper but do not operate. The business itself is issuing certificates at a cost. Cost of making an experience certificate may vary depending on profile.

Third type of experience certificate is linked with training institutes. There are many companies that provide professional training or vocational training.

There can also be more options but we have mentioned only the most common fake experience letters.

Why do people make fake experience letters?

The purpose of writing an experience letter is different for everyone. Most people create an experience letter to get their first job. So whenever you are hiring freshers for a sales profile then be very careful.

Some people make an experience letter to add skills that they do not know. They believe that they will learn it as soon as they get a job.

There are people involved in illegal activities, you need to be very careful. Crosscheck details before you hand over an appointment letter.

Fake experience certificate cost?

The cost of a fake experience letter is different for everyone. For the employee it is a small amount of money. People can just pay a few dollars to get these fake letters. The person who makes it may not get caught for a long time. But for the employer this is huge. A wrong person at the wrong place can cost a fortune. He or she can be a terrorist and not just an employee looking for a job anyhow. HR managers must be very careful and must know the check fake experience letters. You can also start with checking if the company is fake or real.

How to check fake experience letters?

To verify an experience letter you need to verify the company first of all. When you do employee verification, check experience letter details too with the previous company. There are companies that do not exist and there are people who do not exist. You can hire an employee verification agency to do the job. They have all the tools to verify an employee and cross check experience certificates.

Identify fake experience certificate providers

There are many tricks for checking fake experience letters. Many HR executives send mass mailers. You can start the process from here. You can clearly message to all candidates that all the documents will be verified. This will raise an alarm and the fraudsters will stay away from it. Additionally, you can also use various employee verification techniques. There are ways to check if the company is fake or real. If you find an information mismatch, you can identify fake experience certificate providers. With time, you will have a database of companies to black list for hiring.

Question related to Experience Letter

Fake experience should also be among the challenges of business. Here is a list of some common questions that people ask about fake experience letters.

How to verify an experience certificate?

First of all, search the company name in the company database of the government. Almost every country has a registered companies database. If you do not find the company, there are chances that the experience letter is also fake. If you find the company, send an email to the official email ID with the employee information.

What is the fake experience certificate punishment?

To put this straight forward, making a fake experience letter is illegal. The employer has the right to inform the authorities and file an official complaint. But in some cases companies do not want to put employees into legal trouble. Sometimes this is on human grounds. They terminate employees and cancel all benefits immediately. They also cease all possibilities to rehire this person within the organization.

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