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The word verification itself clears the meaning of employee verification. This is a process in which we check employee details. We ensure that the person is genuine or not. We do it with verifying the documents, address, contact numbers etc. For example, we are hiring sales executives for a software company. The candidate says that he has 5 years of experience in ABC company. We do not believe this without verifying it with the former company. Irrespective of good interview skills a person needs to pass the verification process to receive an appointment letter. Some companies allow giving offer letters and appointment letters after successful interviews. But they also write that the validity of appointment letters will depend on successful employee verification.

Why Verification of Employees is important

We live in a competitive world where nobody has time to waste. Due to this many companies skip this important step. This is wrong and may cause a threat to the company. We can understand this with an example. ABC company is hiring a sales executive. This profile always has requirements because of the high attrition rate. Therefore, the company wants to fill this vacancy on an urgent basis. The HR does not verify the employee while issuing an appointment letter. You may also end up hiring a terrorist. Imagine the risk of a fake work experience certificate letter. Therefore employee verification is very important. This may happen if you do not complete the employment verification process.

First of all the company will struggle due to poor performance. This is the first effect of not verifying an employee.
The person may be involved in unlawful activities. He or she may steal some precious data from the company.
What if the employee is planted by a competitor to get some crucial information about a project. This can also lead to great financial loss.

Terrorists also search for organizations where the employment verification process is simple. Due to this they can easily get inside the company and keep waiting for the right time to react. This can also be a very dangerous situation because you are putting life at risk.

Therefore, we recommend that every company must do employment verification before hiring an employee.

How to verify an employee?

There are many ways to verify an employee. The core objective is to make sure that we hire genuine employees only. A slow employee is better than a fake employee. You can work on the employee scorecard but an employee with fake certificates can be a threat. Use these steps of employee verification to make sure you are on the right path.

Important Steps of Employee Verification

Follow this step by step approach to make sure you are hiring the right employee

Step 1 – Check the company website

First of all, check the company website. Read about company profile products, services, contact information. If the company name on the document is valid then we move to the next step.

Step 2 – Check employee details with the company

The next step to check employee details is verifying contact information. Send an email to the company’s official email and make a call on the phone number mentioned. Many employees submit fake work experience certificates to get a job. You can also send employee verification letters on physical location. In our connection the email verification process will also work fine.

Step 3 – Address Verification

Address verification is a very important part of the recruitment process. You need to hire a third party employee verification company. You can also send some at the address to cross check the details. Ask the person (or company) to complete the employee verification form and submit it with the recruiter. This will also work in case of the rehire.

Step 4 – Verify Education Certificate

This is important in the case of employees who join as freshers or interns in a company. They normally do not have an experience certificate. Therefore, you need to send email communications to the universities for verification of an employee.

You can also complete some part of employee verification before sending a job application confirmation email. Everything depends on the company structure and the recruitment process.

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