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Employees are the biggest asset for a business. When you are hiring a sales executive then it becomes more important. Sales or marketing executives are direct contributors in making a business successful or failure. Better sales means more revenue which results in increasing profit in business. Once you complete the interview process the next thing is employee joining. For this you need an appointment letter for a sales executive. Letter of appointment gives us confirmation. Due to this many companies call this confirmation letter template. However, this completely depends on company policy. Therefore, you can make changes to this offer letter format as per company policy. This appointment letter sample for sales and marketing executives will also help you standardize. Same as experience letter template or appointment letter template it is important to use correct format.

Importance of hiring sales and marketing

First of all, hiring a sales executive is important for your survival. It is not like hiring employees as usual. Be careful as soon as you create a sales executive job description. You also need to complete employee verification. Your HR team needs to keep an eye on fake experience letters. If you have a good sales team, you can increase revenue in business by great margin. How professional your sales executives look and behave decides what the customer will think about your business. Therefore, you must hire sales executives with good qualifications and communication skills. Before you hand over an appointment letter to a sales executive, make sure they thick all the boxes right.

Parts of an appointment letter

There are many parts of an appointment letter or an employment confirmation document. But the most important ones are these.

  • Personal Details
  • Date of Joining
  • Location and
  • Annual Salary / Payout

Make sure you include maximum while creating an appointment letter sample for sales. Above all there is the threat of losing potential employees. Once the interview and other selection process gets over, it is time to make an appointment letter for the sales executive as a confirmation of recruitment.

Why appointment letter format for Sales Executive is important

It is important because this is the first document an employee receives from a company. This document contains all the information related to his joining in the company. The details may change depending on the company but the basics do not change. Some of the common details that every company includes is date of joining, profile name, initial salary and department. This also contains information about the company’s official address so the executive can come and join.

Sales Executive appointment letter sample

This is a simple offer letter format for small businesses. Additionally, this is also a standard format of appointment letter sample for a marketing executive.  You can make changes as per your convenience and business requirement. You can also add company policies if you want. The appointment letter format below includes dummy details of the company and employee that you can change in the real appointment letter.

Dated: March 01, 2021

Dear John,

With reference to your interview on Feb 15, 2021, we are happy to inform you that you are selected for the profile of Sales Executive in our company with an annual CTC of USD ($) 48000 / annum including all fixed and variable salary components.

You are expected to join our company on April 10, 2021 (Reporting Time: 10:00 AM EST) for further formalities. Bring this appointment letter along and complete the joining. Additionally, you also need to bring below mentioned original copy (will be returned) of documents along with photocopies.

In case you do not join on the date and time mentioned we secure full right to cancel this appointment letter.

Joining Location

ABC Corporation LLC

3744 Carriage Court,
Oceanside, California – 92054
Contact Number – 760-421-5563

Contact Person: Joanna W Garcia

Bring these list of documents with this appointment letter

  • Two latest passport size photographs
  • Government ID for proof of identification (Photocopy + Original for reference)
  • Address Proof (Photocopy + Original for reference)
  • 10th, 12th, Graduation and Post Graduation (if any) education certificates (Photocopy + Original for reference)
  • Bring additional qualification certificate photocopies (if applicable)
  • Previous work experience and relieving letters (if applicable)

Authorized Signatory



3744 Carriage Court,
Oceanside, California – 92054

When you make an appointment letter for a sales executive, make sure all details are correct. The profile name can be different depending on industry but the basics do not change. For example, if you want to hire for a software company then the profile name will be IT Sales Executive. Similarly it will change in other industries. Follow the details mentioned in this appointment letter step by step and you should be good.

Additionally, chances of communication gap also reduce in case of a written document. You can also add salary annexure (with break up) and company policies etc.

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