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Starting a blog is a big decision. It is like preparing yourself for a long battle. You invest your time, write articles and get some users as well. It is also one of the best ideas business ideas for teens. But success and failure are two sides of a coin. In both cases you can quit blogging easily. But you should know how to quit blogging with Dignity. Before we move forward, let us talk some challenges of blogging. These are also the reasons why people quit blogging after starting it with so much enthusiasm.

Top 4 Reasons to Stop Blogging

There are many reasons to stop blogging and it is different from everyone. Here is a list of common reasons why people quit blogging. You can also consider them as your reason for not starting a blog.

1 – It is a long journey

First of all it is a long journey. Creating a blog is like starting a business. It takes time to grow. You cannot expect to earn money from blogging very fast. There is a process you need to follow. For reference an article requires at least 6-8 months to start ranking in search results.

2 – Starting a Blog was a Mistake

This happens with most of the bloggers who fail. Many people start blogging with an objective of making money online. But you can become a successful blogger only in two cases as per my experience. One writing is one of your hobbies and second, you have resources to hire experts. If you do not fall in any of these categories, you have a reason for not starting a blog. Whatever be your reason to start blogging but reasons to stop blogging is important. Because you invest a lot of time in creating content. Quitting may waste all the effort.

3 – Not making enough money

This is also the primary reason to quit blogging. You need money to survive and to pay your bills. If you are a full time blogger and not making money then it is better to quit. People start looking for other jobs and stop creating new content.

Quitting is just a misinterpreted word, It is also the Start of a New Journey.

4 – Losing Interest is among common Reasons to Stop Blogging

We are human beings and we tend to change our interests. With time we start getting bored with things and blogging is no exception. This happens especially when the blog is not doing well. For example, blogging is also one of the business ideas for teenagers. Many teenagers start blogging as a hobby. As they grow up and start doing various jobs as adults they lose interest. Sometimes the pressure of making a career is too much that they simply fail to concentrate. There is no doubt that blogging as a career is also very good and offers great flexibility. But when you lose interest in something, it is good to quit blogging with dignity.

Now we know the common reasons for not starting a blog. It is time to switch to the main topic. How to quit blogging with dignity. First of all, let me make it very clear that it should know be a prestige issue at all. Maximum people who start blogging are supposed to fail due to one of the above reasons. Therefore, you can use these three options and come out of the blogging business.

How to Quit Blogging with Dignity?

Now let us talk about some ways of quitting blogging. When you quit, then only you move on to new things in life.

1 – Sell Domain

When you start a blog, you search for a good domain. I expect, when you decide to quit, your domain will be at least one year old. If you are working on a blog then your domain will have at least some authority. Many businesses and individuals buy domain names. There are many domain selling platforms that you can use. If you do not have enough content on the website and you have a premium domain name. You can get a good deal which is way better than running the blog itself. Keeping money against the blogging website is one of the cool ways to quit blogging with dignity.

2 – Keep the Domain but Redirect

I recommend this if your website has some articles and you are running a business. You can simply redirect the domain name to your business website. This way, you will not lose on the visitors. All the traffic will go to your business website or any other website of your choice. You not only quit blogging with dignity but can also increase traffic on website that belong to your business. Additionally, there is a good chance of making a sale from online traffic. Blogging for business is also a good idea. If you do not want to redirect the entire blog, you can redirect some successful pages.

3 – Stop creating new content but keep the Website

When you stop creating content then there is a valid reason behind it. So you should stop wasting time in adding new content every day. But you can keep the website live. If you are regular on the blog then there will be a lot of unlisted articles. It takes time for Google to list new articles. Sometimes it takes months before listing. Therefore, you should wait to see the response from recent articles. If you choose this option, there is always a possibility to come back. Who knows, after one year, you think about starting the blog again.

4 – If the Blog has Traffic, Sell it at a Higher Price

Money is not the only reason to quit. When you write a lot of content and traffic starts coming. A time comes where we want to switch to something else. At this time selling a blog is the best thing to do. Initially, it is easy to quit and secondly you can expect a lot of money. There are many people who want to buy successful blogs. They do not want to invest time in starting from scratch. Due to this they buy already existing blogs. As a result you get a lot of money. Perhaps this is the best way to quit blogging with dignity.

If this is not enough, you can think of some other creative ways also like transforming the blog into an ecommerce website. From physical products to eBooks, you can sell almost anything on websites today. Therefore, quitting is just a misinterpreted word, It is also the start of a new journey. If you quit blogging with dignity, there is no better choice than this.

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