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Blogging is among one of the most searched keywords on Google today. Everyday millions of articles get published through blogs. Out of all this content every blogger wants to be on top of search results. For some it is a matter of earning bread and butter and for some it is passion. Out of this overly crowded blogging business, we do have success stories that motivate us. But do you know that making a blog is the same as running a business. Due to this challenges of blogging also exist and there is not just one. In this article we will look at the dark side of blogging. Read the article till the end if you are planning to start a blog or want to make blogging a career.

Challenges do not stop you from starting a business. But your will power sure does.

Challenges of Blogging

Most people who start blogging believe they do research about the working aspect. The primary research includes ways to make money from blogging and blogging for beginners. Additionally, a lot of people search about Google AdSense. I did that myself too. Therefore, I decided to write about the dark side of blogging. I mean the challenges of blogging that you should consider before starting. Here is a list of things that you should worry about. The idea is not to keep you afraid but to prepare you for facing harsh reality. When you know the cons well in advance, you work harder to avoid them.

1 – Finding a Niche goes wrong

This happens with most bloggers. They do not invest enough time in research and end up using incorrect niches. For example, in one case you are writing about a niche with low volume. In the second case you select the one with huge competition. Both the ideas may fail. If there is no demand for content, no matter what you write, it will result in waste of time. If you are writing articles in a high competition niche, your blog will take a long time to appear in search.


Do enough research on the topic. Use some keyword searching tools to check exact volume and competition on a keyword. Google AdWords is one good tool for this purpose. There are many free keyword search tools available in the market that you can use.

2 – Lack of Ideas is the Biggest challenge of Blogging

When you start blogging you are full of excitement and ideas but with time, you finish all your topics. Then most bloggers get confused about the topics to write on. In one condition there are already many articles available and in one there is no volume. Sometimes the topic itself has a small sphere that you cannot write much about it. As a result it becomes one of the main challenges of blogging. Above all there are very limited solutions available.


Make a list of topics before starting a blog. You should have at least 200 titles or topics related to your niche to start with. You may not write articles on every topic in future but this way you can ensure that there is enough to write and explore.

3 – Most Blogs Ignore Quality Content

Blogs that appear in search results often have great content. Many bloggers believe that they can overcome this by creating a lot of articles which is not true. To get quality content some bloggers simply copy and paste the content from successful blogs. As a result, their blog fails and comes out to be a disaster. If you do not have passion for writing, I recommend not to start a blog.


Creating quality content for blogs is important and you can overcome this challenge of blogging. You use three ways to create quality content for a blog.


Reading can solve most challenges of blogging. You should read a lot and become an expert in your niche. Reading gives you an understanding of the topic. You can transform the information and publish it in the form of an article.


Do enough research about the topic and note down issues people are facing. If you can solve the problem, you can expect visitors.


You can hire an expert to write quality content. These people will obviously charge some money but you will get quality content for the blog.

4 – SEO is Important – Can contribute to your Challenges in Blogging

If you keep on creating content it will not help. To speed up the process you will have to write friendly blogs. You need to learn search engine optimization to use keywords in the right way. Everyone likes well organized content that has relevant information. Keywords help people search for the right information. Most bloggers ignore this due to lack of knowledge. As a result they face challenges in blogging and may quit after some time.


As mentioned above, learn basic techniques of SEO for blogging. When you do this, you can easily create SEO friendly content after a little practice.

5 – Slow Speed Crushes user Experience

You may write the best content ever but performance matters a lot. If you website is running slow, you will never get on top of search results. Many bloggers do not even know that this is part of Google search formula or algorithm. Slow performing websites often do not appear in search. The main function of Google is to show good results. This is the only reason why people use Google so much. If you do not check website speed then your website will surely not perform. As a result this will become a very critical challenge of blogging that will spoil user experience.


You can use any of these techniques depending on the reason why the website is running slow.

  1. Use a cache plugin if you are using WordPress.
  2. Make sure your website uses CSS files or style sheets. Additionally, you need to minify stylesheets.
  3. Change the hosting service provider or at least upgrade to a better hosting plan.

6 – Income from AdSense is very Low

Many bloggers believe that Google AdSense is the best income source available. There is no doubt that Google AdSense can give you some money. Additionally, it is also one of the most trusted income sources for bloggers. But there is a dark side also. Which is also among the biggest challenges of blogging. The income from AdSense is very low. It takes a lot of page views and clicks to generate a decent income. The process is not only slow but also demotivating sometimes. To understand in simple words 200 posts cannot guarantee a monthly income of $200 from Google AdSense alone.


First of all, you should not depend on income from blogging alone. Look for other ways to make money from blogging. There is a list of things that can give you good money from blogging. I recommend you have a look at that too for more information.

What is the best solution to avoid the challenges of blogging?

The only way to avoid challenges is to do research before you start a blog or at least when you write an article. The research should involve the topic and its potential both. There is no point in writing about something that people do not like to read.

How can I make a blog famous in a few months?

First of all you need to fix all these niggles of blogging. Then the next thing is to create quality content. Make sure your topics have good search volume and low competition. Lastly, make the best use of search engine optimization. In a few months you will experience a good increase in website traffic. As a result, you can make a blog famous very fast and effectively.

How good is blogging for teens?

Blogging is one of the most feasible business ideas for teens. This is also a good start up business idea if you consider doing it full time. First of all, there is very little investment and secondly it is quite a scalable business. You start blogging early in your teens and start writing about the things you like. Over the period of time, this will start to grow. No doubt making money from blogging is a slow process. Additionally, there are other challenges of blogging but it works in the long term. Taking student loans is common for higher education. If you start early it can also help you pay back some installments. In other case you can make it a source of pocket money.

There are many organizations looking for good content writers. They use blogging for business. If you are good at writing then blogging as a career can become a good option.

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