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Have you ever seen a new blog appearing on the first page of Google search? Do you know How Blogs Get Popular Fast? Some of these blogs also have very few articles. On the other hand there are many bloggers who work really hard. They are not making money from blogging and want to quit. They get Google AdSense Approval but there is no traffic on the blog. In this article we will try and understand how this really happens and the strategies to make a blog famous in less time. First of all, if you are new to the website, subscribe to the mailing list. This way you can get amazing content right into the mailbox. Now going back to the main topic, in normal circumstances starting a blog is easy. The tough part is to get traffic on the blog. It is a time consuming and long process.

How do Blogs Get Popular in Less Time with Few Articles

When you search something on the internet, there are some websites that always come on top. Some of them even have fewer articles and limited information. I scanned through some famous blogs and tried to find their reason for success. After some time, I realized that there is a combination of strategies. You can also call them techniques for making a blog famous. This is important if you want to start a blog. For example, you want to start a travel blog or want to become a food blogger as a hobby. But you do not know how to make a blog famous. There is no point working on it and wasting time. Here is a list of strategies you can use to get your blog appear on the first page of Google search.

Google Search Algorithm Find most Relevant Information

First of all, you need to understand Google search criteria. The business Google Search Engine depends on how fast and accurate information it can search. If it fails to do this basic work, people will switch to other search engines. Therefore, most successful bloggers work on providing precise information. As a result, Google search algorithm brings the result on top. If you follow this rule, you can also make a blog famous in less time. For example Wikipedia is always on top of search results. There are millions of pages with loads of meaningful information. In continuation of this, most searched pages also come on top. The idea is to create meaningful content. It is also the first requirement and basic skills of blogging.

How do blogs get popular with Detailed Content

This is the second most important trick. Everyone wants to save time. Due to this, you need to write an article with all possible information. If you create original content then you have good chances of becoming famous on the internet. The blog writers try to cover almost everything in one single article. Google search algorithm also works to show the most relevant result. Therefore, making a detailed blog is the first condition of making a blog famous. The content is also unique and it is not a copy and paste job for sure.

Most famous blogs on the internet have supporting articles

When you read or write an article, you realize that there are more questions related to the topic. Most famous blogs on the internet and successful bloggers write supporting articles. They try to cover the entire niche to make sure all information is available at one place. When a user lands on a page, he or she finds all related information. I just mentioned Wikipedia above. You get all relevant information on a single website. As a result you either remember it or save the website as a bookmark. We have a good article on how to create supporting articles on a blog for more information.

Create Unique Content when Nobody is writing about it

There are many topics where you do not have enough information. This is the most accurate answer to the question how do blogs get popular. If you want to make a career in blogging, you cannot ignore this. These blogs get the first mover advantage. Imagine you are the only one writing about a topic. Google search is forced to show your blog (article) on top. Therefore, you should search for topics where no content or less content is there. You also need to make sure that there is enough volume. Otherwise, irrespective of the efforts and getting on top of search results, there will be no users.

You can also find a category where nobody is writing and create your own niche.

Create Interesting Infographics to make blog successful and famous

If you are searching, how do blogs get popular in less time, see their infographics. Infographics make an article more appealing. Due to this, content creators pay special attention to create images for blog posts. This makes them more attractive and meaningful. Sometimes, users are simply looking for a relevant picture. There is a common saying, “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words” and it is true in the case of a blog also. Even if you have less information, the message should be clear and interesting to read.

Create Shareable Content to make a blog famous

Blogs make viral content that appeals to people. For example, all news websites create a sensational heading and make it viral. This can be related to any topic. News, health related articles, entertainment related articles are common examples. Some of the articles are so informative that people keep sharing and make the post viral. Shareable content is the key to make a blog famous. When people like something they share on social media like Facebook and twitter. Normally this happens with new websites and portals. With regular shares, the blog becomes popular and the benefits come to the blog owner. This is the fastest way to make a blog famous.

Making a Blog Famous using SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can do wonders to your article. It is a skill you can learn. If you are just starting a blog, I recommend you read the basics of search engine optimization. From writing an attractive title to using the right tags, SEO plays an important role in making a blog famous. Additionally, you should also create some backlinks because they really help.

Backlinks from High authority domains

Adding backlinks from high authority domains also increases your website’s authority. You need to find these websites depending on your niche. For example, government websites have the most authority. Especially if you can buy an expired government domain, this can turn your fortune upside down. There are many domains like Quora you can use for creating backlinks.

These are proven techniques of making a blog famous. You can also make use of our blogging for beginners guide if you are new to blogging. Once your blog gets popular, you can earn money from blogging. This is also one of the best ways to make income online.

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