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Our world is full of beautiful places and destinations. Many have dreams to see the whole world but very little accomplish it in reality. Even if we have enough money to bear the cost of a world tour, there is a shortage of time. Therefore, we have very few options to fulfil the dream of travelling the world and seeing places. This does not mean I am asking you to forget thinking about travelling the world. I also am not asking to resign from your job and leave the responsibilities behind. I am asking you to become a travel blogger. When you start travel blogging, you not only live your passion, but also earn money from blogging. Due to this, starting a travel blog is also a good career choice. In this article, I will share all the details about how to become a travel blogger. Additionally, you will also see blogging related questions and answers at the end.

If you are new to blogging then you can also refer to our blogging for beginners guide after reading this article. If you know the basics of blogging then this one will help you become a travel blogger. You can also read our article on food blogging if your passion is cooking. This is also one of the best ways to make money online. If you are an entrepreneur then starting a blog for business is a good idea. As of now let us focus on travel blogging.

How to Become a Travel Blogger

If you want to become a travel blogger it is easy. You only need five things to become a travel blogger. First two are the main requirements and the remaining three are technical requirements. You can start blogging for free using blogger or WIX website builders. But keeping your own domain and hosting from day one is the better option of two.

1 – Passion of Writing and Touring

This is the first ingredient of starting a travel blog. Travel blogging is more about passion than a job. Travel blogging as a career can become one of your reasons for leaving the job. Additionally, blogging as a career can also pay you better than existing jobs. I said this because travelling is a hobby that almost every second person has. But how many are actually able to do it? From those who do it, travel blogging demands good writing skills also. If you do not like writing content, blogging is not your cup of tea. Because, you will have to hire a content writer to do the job and the results may not come as expected.

2 – Research Skills

Research skills are important. There will be many places that you will not visit but you want to write about them. Travel bloggers do not always visit the places that they write about. Therefore, you must develop research skills. These research skills will help you create good content.

3 – Buy a Domain

Domain is just a name or the brand name. This is important because every website needs a domain name to function. If you want to become a travel blogger then you must have a domain name. Therefore, book a domain name for a blog before you move any further.

4 – Buy Hosting

Hosting is space on the server. Server is a storage device that keeps your website files and content. Every website needs a server to function properly. Due to this it is important to buy space on the server as part of the process of starting a blog.

5 – Website Development

First of all, you should create a website for blogging. Travel blog is also a website that allows you to write articles. You can make a website on your own or hire a software development company to create a blog. The website development cost is normally one time. But you need to renew the domain and hosting every month.

How to get visitors on a Travel Blog?

People are so busy taking care of their family requirements that they barely have any time. Above all, travelling is expensive. These people are always visiting blogs, videos as part of knowing the world better. This also gives them a mental peace.

On the other hand there are people who travel on a regular basis. Due to this many people read about destinations they want to go to. The idea is to make sure that the decision is right to get the most value. You as a travel blogger can write about a lot of things. Starting from the monuments at a specific place to eating options available. People love to know about these things. As a result, they are continuously searching for fresh information. That is why there is a great opportunity in travel blogging.

Both travelers and non travelers come to travel blogs and explore.

Travel Blogging can Pay for the Cost of World Tour

I know the cost of a world tour is unaffordable in most cases. Almost everyone wants to do a tour around the world but very few are able to do it. Due to this, more than 90 percent are dependent on travel blogs and YouTube videos. If you can create quality content then users will come on your website automatically. If you have a good travel plan then you can create a community of readers that can support your work. You can collect money using crowdfunding. Once you make the blog successful, you will not need to ask for money.

Benefits of Starting a Travel Blog

Your reason for starting a travel blog may not match with mine but the benefits make it a good deal. As a travel blogger, you experience a lot of things. We can term these as the benefits of travel blogging.

  • First of all it is related to your dream of travelling around the world. Due to this you do it for yourself.
  • Secondly, a career as a travel blogger is full of adventures. You get to see a lot of new places, meet new people and face situations. This comes out to be a great journey.
  • You can write a book based on your travel experiences and become a writer.
  • Travel bloggers have a great fan following. With time, you become a celebrity if you start a travel YouTube channel.
  • Blogging is one of the best sources of passive income.
  • Blog does not limit you about working hours and schedule. Due to this you can select your preferred time to work.

If your reason for starting a blog is not in the list, find your own. You can write an article as per your convenience and publish online.

You do not need to travel the world to make a travel blog.

How can I create a travel blog without going out of home?

Yes, you can easily make a travel blog without actually moving out of home. Here I am referring to multiple branches in travelling. For example, writing articles about famous places is just one part of becoming a travel blogger. If you have an internet connection, the world is on your computer. You can do some research and create a niche of your own. You can pick some of the good categories in a travel blog from the list below.

  • Write articles about famous food joints
  • Top five destinations in the world
  • Top five travel agencies
  • Something like top five travel insurance companies and so on.
  • Famous markets in the world
  • City specific blog or write about the city where you live.
  • You can analyze country specific data from government websites and write useful content.

All this does not require you to visit the place. You can do some research while sitting at home. All you need is to analyze the data and write something that makes sense. Additionally, you can also include some facts or data based information.

How to get information for a travel blog?

First of all, travelling is not only about seeing places. Lot of people are also interested in history and other information. You can take a lot of data from government websites. Especially in the case of democratic countries, a lot of information is available in the public domain. Due to this it is very easy to filter through information. For example, you want to write about Australia. You can open the Australian government official website and search.

Do I need a lot of money to become a travel blogger?

You need a lot of money to Become a Travel Blogger. You need money to travel, especially when you are writing about your own experiences. If you are doing research based articles, you do not need a lot of money.

How to become a travel blogger with less money?

To become a travel blogger, you need two main things. One is a blogging website and the second one is research skills. The cost of making a travel blog depends on the service provider. If you do it on your own then the time you invest will be the cost of making a blog. In both the cases you have to buy a domain and purchase a hosting plan. Website development cost as I said depends on the choice.

If you want to make a blog based on your experience then there will be a cost of travel. In other cases it is the cost of the internet and your time that you invest. The cost of a self hosted blog and self developed blog starts from $45 for a year. This is the initial cost. Later on when you grow then the cost will also increase because of performance. As soon as you experience an increase in blog traffic then you will need a server with better performance.

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