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Are you interested in making money from writing? If the answer is yes then certainly this article is for you. There are many people who love writing about various topics and issues but there are a very few that really make something out of it. If you have not guessed it, I am talking about choosing blogging as a career. In other words, you can earn money from blogging. Here we will talk about ways to make money from blog. If these online money-making techniques from blogs excite you, you can convert the writing hobby to a full-time job.

How to Earn Money from Blogging

Before we start talking about the techniques I believe you are aware of how to become a blogger or start a blog. I say this because we also have other content available to help you make a blog. So, coming back to the topic, here is a list of techniques you can use to earn money from blogging.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Create an eBook and make money by selling eBooks
  3. Launch online course
  4. Register for Google AdSense
  5. Third Party Advertisement
  6. Sponsored Product Reviews
  7. Create Promotional Pop-up Ads
  8. Publish Paid Content
  9. Sell the Blog

Let us now understand everything in little more detail to make sure we understand the basics. Additionally, all these are proven techniques of making money from blogs.

1 – Affiliate Marketing in Blog

First of all, the best thing about this affiliate marketing is that you do not need to make a product. In case of the services also, you do not provide any services. This is one of the most common tools to earn money from blogging. When it comes to sale, this happens at the manufacturer or the seller’s end. Similarly in case of service you just redirect the customer from your website and the service provider’s sales team is there to take care of the customer. You only add an affiliate link in your website. If a sale happens, you get your share. There are many advantages of affiliate marketing and the best one of them is money.

2 – Create an eBook and start making money from Blogging

The cost of an eBook is less than a traditional book. Due to this they are always in demand. Additionally, making copies of an eBook is also very easy. If you are passionate about writing a book and own a blog, you must create an eBook. An eBook is a digital form of a book. If your website traffic is good or you are investing to increase traffic on blog then selling an eBook can be among great ways to earn a lot of money from blogging via selling eBooks online. Additionally, this becomes a good passive income source for you in the long run.

The best thing about an eBook is that you create it only once. You can make unlimited copies without spending a single penny. As soon as you find new customers, your copy is ready for sale.

3 – Launch an Online Course

Same as eBook, creating an online course only needs one time effort. This does not mean you do not need an upgrade. But the updating an online course is not very frequent. Therefore, investing in an online course is a good idea. When you own a blog and have good traffic on it then you can also sell online course. This is also less costly than regular advertisement techniques. You can also advertise on social media and get the visitors on your blog. You can make good money from blogging via selling online courses.

4 – Google AdSense is the best way to earn money from blogging

For many Google AdSense is the primary source of income from blogging. Additionally, if you create good content, AdSense also pays good money for advertisements. Creating and AdSense account is easy and AdSense approval process is also very simple. Before you apply for an AdSense account, make sure you have some content available on the website.

5 – Third Party Advertisement

If you do not want to be dependent on Google AdSense, then you can enroll for third party advertisements. Many bloggers choose to publish advertisements from multiple sources. First of all, you get a fix amount for ad placement in a blog article or there are many options available. These are great way to make money from blog. You also do not have to find these advertisers. There are agencies looking for successful blogs and connect with them. They partner with you to promote a product or service of their client. You get a fixed amount for positive an image advertisement or link. Sometimes most part of your earning from blog come from third party advertisements.

6 – Sponsored Product Reviews

People have mixed response on sponsored product reviews. In case of famous brand, they do not have much need for a paid review. But what if the company is new and very few people are aware of it. These product reviews work as marketing tools for product promotion. You do not really have to write all the positive aspects. I am saying this because your viewers trust you and they expect you to be loyal to them and not the brands. Many bloggers fall in this trap for making quick money. They start posting fake reviews for money and loose potential visitors. This does not mean I am asking you do not make sponsored product reviews. I am just asking you to be careful about choosing your brand. Trust among websites visitors is important and pays a long way. You can earn lot of money from blogging for sponsored reviews by just being selective.

7 – Create Promotional Pop-up Ads

Pop-ads are good for brand awareness. For example, you are reading an article. Suddenly you see a pop-up ad what will you do? In most cases people close the pop-up. But you at least see the brand, offer or whatever mentioned in that pop-up. But before they close the pop-up, the goal is achieved. Therefore, many companies use this to increase brand visibility. On the positive side, you earn money from blogging.

8 – Publish Paid Content

Publishing paid content has its own pros and cons. The paid content can be about anything. From companies, to NGO there can be anyone who may ask you to write an article on their brand or individual. If you associate with a political party, you can make a lot of money from blog. Elections or no elections, political campaigns are always on. You can be a regular writer of their ideology, policies, good works of past and vision document. There is lot to write and there are many people to pay. You can go with multiple associations depending on what you are writing.

9 – Sell the Blog

Yes, you read it write. You create a blog and put a lot of effort and make it famous. Many people also invest in advertisement to increase website traffic. When you calculate, all the efforts, marketing costs and the cost of time you invested, blog is no way cheap. Running a blogging website is an expensive affair. Once fine day you decide that you do not want this blog anymore. May be your reason to create a blog does not matter now.

If you explore the opportunities, you can also sell a blog website for a price. There are many websites for blog selling. You can list blog for sale and wait for the bidders. If the blog has meaningful content and you are lucky enough, the blog will sell in first attempt. Otherwise, you may have to list again. But for sure you can sell a website or a blog online.

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