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Are you thinking about making a career in blogging? Before you start investing your time and money in writing articles you should read this. I am sure you have your own reason to start a blog so we will not get there. In this article we will try and collect information about how a career as blogger looks like and how much money you can earn as blogger. Other than this we will answer some of the most important questions of blogging life. In this article we will not discuss about meaning of blogging and the techniques to make money from blog. This information is already available in our recent article.

Choosing Blogging as a Career may or may not generate regular income but touches many spheres of your life. Due to this, we need to understand it from the root. Above all there are many aspects most people do not understand. Therefore, let us first directly dive into the topic start with why make a blog.

Why Make a Blog?

Most of the time this question is personal. There are many reasons to start a blog. Some start it as a hobby and some want to make money from blog. Here we are specifically talking about when you focused about setting up a good website to become a full-time blogger.

Making a Blog is easy

If you choose blogging as a career then it is very easy in the beginning. Setting up blog is not tough. You only need a domain, basic hosting plan and a WordPress website. WordPress because this is the most common blogging technology available today.

Blogging as a Career is Interesting

When I say interesting then I mean it is a long journey full of information. Good or bad depends on the category of blog. You need passion, skill and dedication to reach the destination. When you decide to start your career in blogging then there are three important things you must consider. You can start blogging with at least one skill. In other case I suggest you think again.

Passion for Writing

This is the main ingredient of the blogging. If you are passionate about writing then only you can continue this journey.

Content Writer

If you are a content writer, your blogging career will be easy.

Research Skills

Research skills are important. As a blogger make sure you have you do enough research. After research you should be able to convert it to meaningful information. You cannot simply copy and paste content from other websites. People love to read research-based articles.

Cost of Starting a Blog

If you want to start with free blogging websites then there is no cost attached. Most blogging websites do not charge anything because you are promoting their brand indirectly. I recommend that you buy your own domain and hosting plan due to these reasons.

  • You own the blog
  • There are no limitations on writing articles
  • You can set your own Terms
  • Selling the blog is possible when you do not want to continue.

The total cost of making a blog for beginners is between $50.00 – $100 / year. This covers domain and hosting cost for a year. It does not include website development cost or blog development cost. If you hire professional blog developer the total cost will increase. Blog website developers will charge your depending on your requirement. For example, the cost of starting a travel blog may be different from standard website development cost. Some companies also offer you initial few articles and Google submissions.

Blogging as a career does not demand technical skills. You only need passion for writing. You can hire resources depending on your requirement.

Blogging as a Career offer Freedom

Definition of freedom is different for everyone. Due to this, I will straight come to the point. If you own the blog, there is no restriction on what to write and how much to write. Starting from finding blog category, searching niche for the blog to number of articles, there is no restriction. No boss is there to tell you how many articles you must write. Additionally, you can select your own working hours. In simple words we can say a blog gives you freedom to work.

Start Blogging if you want Happiness

This is in continuation with the above point. Free people are happy. In addition to freedom of defining your work schedule, you can fulfill your hobby. You can make a blog website based on your hobby. For example, you like cooking. You can make a cooking blog full of your unique cooking recipes. As a result, you see increase in happiness level and work satisfaction.

Sad but True – Blogging as a Career is Slow

When you start career as a blogger, you have an idea of what to write. It is a long journey and needs years of effort. During the process you many times feel that you are on the wrong track. You have to stop, take a pause and change direction. Sometimes it feels really frustrating when you continuously working and results are not as per expectations. This does not mean you start thinking about quitting the job. This is the time you start thinking about the basics. Put your time in research. Search traffic on your article keywords and make more backlinks. Blogging as a career pays in the long run. Therefore, keep working on your strategy.

Common Questions about Blogging as a Career

You may have a lot of questions in mind so we are trying to answer maximum possible questions. Read all of them carefully before you become a full time blogger.

What is the Income of a Blogger? How much money a Blogger makes?

You can earn $30 per month ($1 per day) to $30,000 depending on how many people visit your website every day. Due to this, there is no standard way of tracking income of a blogger. Therefore, we can only study income of best blogs on internet. Additionally, income from blogging in India will be different from Income from blogging in the US. Many people focus on country wise blogging. If the goal is to sell products in international market, then make the website rank internationally.

Therefore, it is tough to comment. Nobody can give you guarantee that after adding these many articles you will start making $1000 / month when you start blogging as a career. It is a long journey and it takes time for a blog to come in search results. Above all, not all the people who visit your website will click ads.

How do bloggers get paid?

The question – “How do blogger get paid” has two answers. This depends on the profile. First of all, you are working as an employee (when a successful blogger hires you) then you get salary or commission depending on the contract.

Secondly you get income from blog itself. For example, you enroll for Google AdSense Program. In this case the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. The process is automatic. Google takes its share and transfers the remaining as per the billing cycle. Normally the amount depends on CPM and the number of users click on advertisements. You can also use other ways to make money from blog and increase your income. Blogging is one the most famous ways to make passive income from home. Due to this many people choose blogging as a career.

Can I hire professional website developers for making blog?

You can also make a blog with the help of professional website developers. Due to this you save a lot of time involved in initial set up. Additionally, you get technical assistance. All this comes with peace of mind because you do not have to learn technical skills and stay focused on creating content for blog.

How to make income from blogging?

There are many ways to make income from blogging. Starting from affiliate marketing to Google AdSense, there are multiple ways to earn money from blog. You can select depending on what suits your requirement better.

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