How to Get Google AdSense Approval

If you are running a website and have some traffic, you may want to earn money online. Google provides you simple ways to publish ads on a website. By the end of this article, you will know how to get Google AdSense approval. You just need to follow this step by step process of Google AdSense account approval. Your account will surely get approved. In this article we will discuss various issues related to the Google AdSense account approval process.

AdSense account meaning

Before we start, let us understand the meaning of AdSense. If you are creating a blog or a website and have some traffic. It is possible that you wish to run advertisements on the website to make money online. Normally, it is not easy to find advertisers and publish ads. Additionally, this also involves creating advertisements and managing them. Accepting payments online or offline against the job is also part of the process. Users on a website can come from all parts of the world. Due to this accepting international payments is also a challenge.

Therefore, you can join Google AdSense Program to solve most of these issues. If you become a Google ads partner everything is organized. If you get Google AdSense approval, things become simple. Google publishes advertisements on your website and pays a portion of revenue to your account. As a result you do not have to worry about creating ads online or publishing them. Google also collects payment on your behalf and pays your portion directly to your bank account.

Google AdSense account Approval Process

Google AdSense account approval process is simple. In the beginning there are only limited requirements.

  • You must be of minimum age of being treated like an adult. For example, if you stay in India, your minimum age should be 18 years. Otherwise, you can apply with your parents or somebody else’s account.
  • Create a Google ID (Gmail ID) and apply with this Id for requesting AdSense account approval.
  • Content of your website should be unique and not just a copy and paste job from other websites.
  • You must comply with Google AdSense policies

Well these are minimum requirements to get Google AdSense approval. There are chances that you miss out on any of these points and get a rejection.

How to avoid AdSense rejection

Follow the steps mentioned below. These will increase chances of getting approval for an AdSense account. Here I consider that you have already completed the legal age of applying for a Google AdSense account.

Write in Advance

First of all, you cannot just start a blog or website without information. You cannot just move into a raw house. First of all, you clean it, decorate it and put some furniture before shifting. Similarly, nobody likes a website with one or two articles. Therefore, you should write at least 10-15 articles on the website. At the time of launch, you should have these articles ready. You can also publish them one by one. This will also increase user interest and possibility for attracting visitors on the website.

Set the publishing schedule to get Google AdSense Approval

Keeping a schedule is very important. For example: you go to work at a fixed time. You eat, sleep and do other things as per routine. Similarly, make a routine for article publishing. The idea is to make sure that the Google crawler develops a habit of visiting your site on a set time and finding something new. This helps Google algorithm that you are regularly working on your website. This is one of the key ways of getting an AdSense account approval.

Use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

You must list the website in Google Webmaster tools. Once you complete a webmaster listing, add the website to Google Analytics. These tools for tracking website performance will help you analyze traction. You will know exactly how many users landed on your website along with the source. Getting organic traffic on a website is most important. Otherwise the whole exercise is useless.

Post regularly to get Google AdSense Approval

Now you should keep on posting content on a regular basis. This will also increase chances of getting an AdSense account approval. Now is a good time to Apply for an AdSense account. If you follow all the steps above, it should take a week’s time to complete the approval process. However, it is not a fixed time and can change depending on various factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a new content creator, you may have many questions in your mind. I will try to answer the most common questions to help you complete the process.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a Google Ads partner program. In this program you can create an AdSense account to run ads on your website.

How can I get AdSense approval in one day?

Google does not guarantee you AdSense approval in a day or two. You just need to apply and wait for the process to complete. Once your account is approved, Google will send you a confirmation email.

What is google AdSense for website approval?

When you are creating a blog then you apply for Google AdSense for a website. You publish articles on a website and Google posts ads in between the text on your website. You just need to insert AdSense code wherever you want ads to show up. Google also gives you multiple options to choose from. In addition, you can also block some areas where you do not want any ads to run. For example: many bloggers keep the header section free from ads.

How long does it take for Google AdSense to approve you?

First of all, Google does not guarantee approval in a specific time. In most cases it takes about 3 to 5 working days. This is the normal time for Google AdSense account approval. Otherwise sometimes the approval or rejection may take two to four weeks time also. After the approval, you can switch on the ads from your AdSense account. But showing ads may take some time in reality.

What to do if Google AdSense is not showing any ads on the website?

You cannot do much in this case. Google takes its own sweet time to show advertisements. The whole process of publishing ads on a website is automated. Google algorithm analyzes your website’s content and user search history. Depending on the data, they show ads that may interest the user on your website.

Is SEO required for Google AdSense account approval?

Google is looking for articles with enough information to show in search results. If your website has genuine content then SEO is not a blocker. However, there are many benefits of SEO, especially if you want to make money from blogging. If you are good in writing and have knowledge about search engine optimization, you can choose blogging as a career option.

What is Google’s share in the AdSense account?

Google Ads work on the pay per click basis. Out of all the revenue generated from genuine clicks Google keeps 30-35 percent depending on how old your account is. You can transfer money from Google AdSense to the bank account.

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