how to become a become a blogger, basic skills for blogging

We live in a connected world where distances do not matter. A person sitting in the USA can connect with a person in India in seconds. Someone sitting in a remote location is working towards making a brand global. You realize it only when you see find something new around you. Due to all this, people are creating blogs to reach new customers. They are writing about their brands and inventions. But before you start doing it, learn basic skills for blogging. I said this because most blogs fail and the ratio is similar to the business failure rate. If you are serious about creating a blog, then you can monetize a blog. It is also one of the most famous ways to make money online. Many people make money from blogging and become famous. Many people start a business blog to tell the world about a brand and some do as a hobby. This all depends on what you want.

Basic Skills for Blogging

There is a long list of things you can do with a blog but one when your blog becomes famous. Therefore, you need to understand the basics of blogging. Later you can develop skills to make a blog famous. You are writing about health insurance for a family or the oldest person to win a medal in the Olympics. You need to master these skills. Here is a list of basic skills for blogging that every newbie blogger should acquire.

Written Communication is the first basic skills for blogging

First of all you should be a good communicator. If you cannot not tell your story or write about something, forget it. Language is not important but you must have communication skills. You should be able to convey the message. This is one of the first basic skills for blogging. You do not need to be the best in industry. If you know how to say what you want, you can start a blog instantly.

Passion for writing is most important basic skills for blogging

Your blog cannot survive with just 10-15 articles. Yes, in exceptional cases, 10-15 articles also do well but the number is limited. You need to keep writing for a long time and keep improvising. Search engine algorithms work to provide meaningful information to the user. Information keeps changing. If you have a passion for writing, you will be able to sustain it for a long time. Additionally, in the long run you can also choose blogging as a career. Many people make good money from writing articles.

Command over a topic or appetite for research

Now with this my objective is not to demotivate but to make you realize. If you have command over a topic then you can write on it. For example, if you are good at cooking, you can become a food blogger. Similarly, if you love traveling, you can become a travel blogger. There are other options as well. There are many blogging ideas that you can work on. If you do not have an existing skill and want to start a blog then you need research. Do keyword research and then topic research and start writing. Among billions of users on the internet, you will find many readers. You just need to make sure that your content makes sense. Then only any search engine will show your article in the search.

Grammar Skills

Everyone likes to read good articles. Many people ignore websites completely because of poor content. Therefore, you must create quality content in your blog. You can create a blog in Russian, English, Hindi or any other language. Understanding grammar is among one of the basic skills for blogging. If you do not have skills, you can acquire them.

Learn SEO Tricks

This is not mandatory for sure but it has caliber to change your fortune upside down. No matter how good your writing is, it is useless if there are no readers. Therefore, you must invest time in learning SEO. Above all, you can learn SEO free of cost. There are many tricks and techniques to improve traffic on a website. You can also use social media marketing but this is expensive. Search engine optimization also helps you enhance the quality of your content. If you know basic skills for blogging, this becomes easy. Additionally, if your readers are happy with the content, they contribute towards promotion by sharing on social media. With time your blog becomes famous and you can make money from blogging.

Common business promotion expenses make a hole in your pocket. Due to this, very few businesses promote the brand. In addition, you cannot concentrate on many things at the same time. On the other hand, search engine optimization cost is also not low by any means. But if you do it on your own then the cost is very low. Therefore, creating a blog for business is a good way to start business promotion. You just have to make small improvements every single day. As a result, you will get an amazing website and promotion of Google will happen automatically.

Write sharable content

You should write content that people like to share. If the users find the information meaningful and good for others, they share. This can attract more visitors on blog and increase website rank and page rank of your articles. Websites with better page ranks come on top of search results.

Social Media Presence

There are many free marketing tools and social media is one of them. If you are writing well then why not share this with the world. You should create an account on Facebook and start sharing. Yes, this is not among the mandatory basic skills for blogging but it works in a positive way. You should write sharable content so more people keep forwarding the information. This will help you grow fast in blogging.

Diplomatic language is also one of the Basic Skills for Blogging

This is important when you have an information related blog. You cannot make a claim about anything until you have solid evidence. As a beginner, you also have limited resources. Therefore, you cannot take a risk of being sued. Here comes diplomatic writing skills. You should learn diplomatic language to play it safe. In case of any legal hassle, you can explain things. Additionally, if possible give references to support content.

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