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Business world is very competitive where you cannot ignore brand promotion. But unfortunately very few have the budget to use the traditional ways of marketing. Due to this, most small businesses struggle to become famous. But every new challenge also comes with a positive and there is a silver lining in an ocean of challenges of new business. Fortunately today we are living in a connected world. A world where you can reach anyone within a fraction of seconds. As a result you also have free marketing tools to promote a brand. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of them. In addition you can learn SEO for free. Many people often claim that SEO is dead but in reality, SEO in 2022 is still very relevant. Additionally, you are sure that it will remain valid for years to come. In this article we will read about various aspects of promoting a brand using SEO. You will learn about some techniques to promote a brand. In addition, we will clear many of your doubts about free search engine optimization courses and paid ones. Let us now dive into more details.

Why is SEO valid in modern times? Or Is SEO dead?

SEO in simple words is a technique to inform search engines that your brand or company exists. Additionally, you also want some internet users to visit your website. These users may or may not buy your product or service. Therefore, you cannot expect too much initially. Understand this from a regular market’s perspective. You open a shop based on public footfall in a specific area and expect sales. If a large number of people visit the market the chances of sale are more. Similarly, when a large number of customers start visiting your website there are chances of making a sale online. Ultimately learning search engine optimization brings revenue to your business.

What is SEO and how does it work?

First of all, let us start with the basic question. The answer is hidden inside the question itself. Most internet users today use or any search engine to get answers to their queries. They also use search engines to find products, services and anything that comes to their mind. Popular websites come on top and others follow as per their website rankings. We use SEO techniques to increase visibility of a website in search results. Increasing website rank in Google search results is also one of the main objectives. The idea is to get traffic from organic search in natural search results. The second aim is to increase website ranking in search results and stay there for a long time. Therefore, you must read this complete article to learn SEO for free so you can understand the concept.

As soon as the user types a query and hits the Enter or search button, Google filters all the results. Google’s algorithm sorts results based on popularity, rankings and other parameters to show best results. You also see some results on top that are not very popular. All these are paid Google advertisements or AdWords. You can read more about this in our pay per click related article.

Why learn Search Engine Optimization Skills & what you need for fast results

If you want to promote a brand on the internet, SEO is good for you. In addition search engine optimization provides ways to increase traffic on a website in search results. You can hire a software company to do the job but it is not tough to learn. You can learn SEO for free and start optimizing your website. Getting results via SEO is a slow process, but if you master the art, the results are amazing. Almost everyone searches Google these days for anything. Due to this, there is no limit in how much money you can make from SEO. Here I am not asking you to find an SEO job. It is about making a product visible in search results. You can learn even if you are not highly qualified. You just need to understand the basics of SEO and start working. With experience you will do advance SEO courses and other important stuff. In addition to all of this, there are many benefits of SEO that will force you to learn search engine optimization.

How can a website with low rank come on top in search results?

For this you should run a marketing campaign using Google AdWords. Here also you need to optimize the website to get better pay per click advertisements rates. The results come on top or bottom of the page depending on your bid amount for a keyword.

You can also learn WordPress development step by step from the tutorial section. Additionally, we also have some documents to manage business like correct format of business letter.


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