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Financial status defines how we are going to live our life. If the financial health is good, we can enjoy the luxuries that money can buy. On the other hand, if we do not have money, we can also strive for basic needs in life. Therefore, you must earn money not only to fulfill your needs but also wants. In this article I will answer the question how to make money online without monetary investment. In other words, we can make money with minimum investment. I believe that you will get enough information about the topic. This is due to my experience of more than a decade in the information technology industry. In addition I also run a few blogs to give real references. Let us now jump straight into the details.

How to make money online without Monetary Investment

With my experience and some research, I have minimized the information to 10 different ways to make money online. All of these demand a specific set of skills and full dedication. There are many ways to become rich overnight but these do not fall in this category. However these are tips to become rich and successful with regular effort if you do not have money to invest. Most of them become passive income ideas in the long run. In this case, you do not invest and make money online for free. But always remember that you worked for it and to make sustainable growth you must put some effort from time to time.

Working online is the same as running a company or doing any other job. Therefore, you should treat these the same. If you wish to make profit in business then you must have patience.

1 – Write a book and publish online

2 – Become a content writer

3 – Start a YouTube channel

4 – Create an online course

5 – Start a blog

6 – Online tuition center

7 – Start a blog

9 – Become a creative designer

10 – Online Money Making Sites

11 – Make money with online games

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